• Tetrafuze: Freshness and diversity

    Lawrence is the sixth largest city in Kansas, and the home town to the band Tetrafuze. They consist of four very different members that came together to make hard Rock and [...]
  • Blade Killer: Pure heavy metal

    Blade Killer has unveiled a second track Midnight Sinner from their highly anticipated full-length debut High Risk, due out Nov. 23. The up-and-coming traditional metal [...]
  • Freedom To Glide: Century of war

    Andy Nixon & Pete Riley lives in Midlands UK and are the musicians in the band Freedom To Glide.  All the work of Freedom To Glide has led to the date 11.11.2018, 100 [...]
  • Queensrÿche: Locked In the studio

    Rock icons Queensrÿche have announced their newest album The Verdict out March 1st via Century Media Records. The band have been locked in the studio for the last few months [...]
  • Stellawake: Unexpected

    The Stellawake song Dragging You Inside collects all the groups’ feelings and emotions and expresses them through the music. This was unexpected, as they didn’t follow [...]
New and exciting

Alexandra Zerner: With progressive rock opera.

av Ulf Backstrøm i Nyheter

Bulgarian guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Alexandra Zerner has released her third full-length album. Entitled Opus 1880, this concept double album, consists of 22 tracks [...]

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