• Montes Insania: Fictitious Era

    There are a forthcoming concept album named Fikcia Erao. That name is from Esperanto and translated to English it is Fictitious Era. Esperanto is a pretty different from [...]
  • Celeste: Awesome flute

    Il Risveglio Del Principe is the fourth album from the Italian band Celeste. Here are a rough mix of the song Qual Fior Di Lotonot and not the final definitive version. Il [...]
  • Edremerion: Underlying macabre humor

    Step in for some French avant-garde black metal! Probably you never heard about the French band Edermerion from Lille but the band has existed in ten year and have released [...]
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Best music from 2018!

av Ulf Backstrøm i Nyheter

The year of 2018 have to come to an end, and it’s time to summarize the best albums of the year. Ulf Backstrøm’s favorites of 2018 There has been a lot of [...]

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