• Nuno Lupi: With 4-act ballet

    The album is named O Ballet De Morfeu and behind that work we find the musical concept called Nuno Lupi. With roots in progressive rock, classical music and electronic [...]
  • Skullcrush: Barbarian Horde

    Phoenix is the largest city and capital of the state of Arizona. It is also the seat of the Maricopa County. In the Navajo language, the town is called Hoozdo while it is [...]
  • Alhena: From Bydgoszcz!

    Until recently, I had never heard of the town of Bydgoszcz. Now I have and the city is in Poland and the band Alhena is from Bydgoszcz. The band Alhena are: Marta Bejma [...]
  • Vampyromorpha: Load of darkness!

    The band Vampyromorpha have interests like horror movies, forest hike and fishing. The personal interest is far more special! Scare and attack! The vampiresque dark rockers [...]
New and exciting

Abronia: The sound has mutated and flourished!

av Ulf Backstrøm i Nyheter

I must admit that good and well played krautrock with some healthy psychedelic injection is something that I often enjoy. The Portland band Abronia deliver a pretty and nice [...]

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