Some prog band and artists starting with an A

Acqua Fragile: Musically they bore a resemblance to Genesis and Gentle Giant, with harmony vocals not unlike Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.

A.C.T.: Is a modern progressive rock band from Sweden, having released music since 1999. They have evolved into a respectable band that has had more than a decent impact; more impressive, however, it how their songwriting and style gets better with every album. The band’s musical style is eclectic, but also keen to a lot of influences.

Aeon Zen: Uses many stylistic elements of their influences including catchy melodies, a diverse mix of songs and styles, and progressive time changes. They should be a welcome addition to traditional progressive metal fans. 

After Crying: 1990’s classical/symphonic prog band from Hungary.

Agitation Free:German prog band from the 70’s similar to early Pink Floyd or Ash Ra Tempel.

Air: French duo who combine electronica and downtempo with space rock and progressive rock.

Aisles: A progressive rock band from Chile. Very , very good. 

Jan Akkerman: Former Focus guitarist.

Alamaailman Vasarat: Out of the ashes of crazy Finns Hoyry Kone came out this totally instrumental and acoustic unit. To describe this music, one needs to imagine Miriodor, Samla Mammas Manna or its evolutions until Von Zamla, stir and shake the whole thing chill it before boiling it than mincing it to shreds and bake it with gypsy herbs.

The Alan Parsons Project: Is a “project” of acclaimed English producer Alan Parsons, best known for his works with The Beatles’s Abbey Road and Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon.

Alux Nahual: A politically oriented band that formed in Guatemala in the 1980s. They enjoyed commercial success without compromising the artistic value of their music. Their appeal was based on making music that no one from Central America was doing at the time, rock sung in Spanish, and singing about very native themes. Anyone from the region could identify themselves with the subjects of their music, such as civil war, mayan philosophy, history, social issues, etc.

Ambrosia: An early 1970s California band that had later success with soft rock.

Amon Düül II: A band that formed out of the German late 1960s political art commune Amon Duul.

Analogy: The songs of their self-titled debut are gradually developed with a more psychedelic and experimental style provided with a dark atmosphere. Analogy’s distinctions were Jutta Nienhaus’ unique vocals, Thurn’s and Pankoff’s impressive instrumental skills on guitar and Hammond organ.

Anathema: Founded as Pagan Angel in 1990 in Liverpool, UK. Started as an experiment/post metal band, and have also played doom inspired music. We’re Here Because We’re Here was released in 2010 and continued to show signs of progression of the band’s sound towards atmospheric prog.

And So I Watch You From Afar: Commonly shortened to just ASIWYFA, is a math rock band from Belfast, Northern Ireland.

…And You Will Know Us by the Trail Of Dead: Often abbreviated as Trail Of Dead) are an American alternative rock band from Austin, Texas.

Ian Anderson: The lead singer of Jethro Tull, who currently tours and records with his solo band.

Jon Anderson: The lead singer of Yes.

Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe: A late-1980s attempt by singer Jon Anderson to restore Yes to its progressive rock direction and lineup

Anekdoten: In the early 90s a wave of King Crimson inspired new progrock bands emerged in Scandinavia. One of the first was four piece formation Anekdoten from Sweden and they are still alive and progging, unlike their promising contemporaries Anglagard and Landberk.

Ange: A French symphonic prog band active mainly from the early 1970s through the mid-1980s. Their later work displays a simpler, pop orientation.

Anglagard: A Swedish band of the early 1990s that played 1970s-style symphonic prog.

Anyone’s Daughter: German symphonic progressive rock band whose first album “Adonis” was released in 1979.

Aphrodite’s Child: A Greek trio, a sort of Emerson, Lake & Palmer band formed by Vangelis on keyboards, their last album being 666.

Apocalypse: Is a Brazilian band formed in 1983. While the band’s early sound was heavily steeped in synthesizers and Hammond, the international albums gravitated toward a simpler, more melodic style with shorter tracks and more emphasis on guitar and percussion, although the keyboards still played a significant role in the band’s sound.

Aquarium: A band that formed in the Soviet Union in the 1970s.

Aragon: Australian neo prog band.

Arcadea: American prog synth band with Brann Dailor on drums and vocals.

Argent.:With Rod Argent on keyboards.

Area: A politically oriented 1970s multinational band from Italy.

Arena: The gathering of Arena’s famous musicians makes a super-group: MickPointer ex-Marillion plays the drums, Clive Nolan (Pendragon) the keyboards, and Keith More from the band Asia played the guitar until replaced by John Mitchell (Ex-Kino).Vocalist Rob Sowden has been with the band since Immortal? and the bass player is Ian Salmon. There have also been some guest appearances by Tracy Hitchings (singer of Quasar, Strangers On A Train & Landmarq) and Steve Rothery (Marillion’s gifted guitarist).

The Aristocrats Band: Featuring Marco Minnemann who have ties to progressive rock and fusion

Ars Nova: This female keyboard trio started in the next line-up: Keiko Kumagai (keyboards), Kyoko Kanazawa (bass) and Akiko Takahashi (drums). In ’92 ARS NOVA released their promising debut-album “Fear & Anxiety”, a tribute to ELP with floods of powerful Hammond organ and flashing synthesizer solos, supported by a strong and adventurous rhythm-section.

Art Bears: A Henry Cow offshoot featuring Fred Frith.

Artcell: Is arguably the first progressive metal band from Bangladesh and were formed in 1999. Arctell`s  music features odd timing,many tempo and scale changes,and their lyrical themes include philsophy,anger,social injustice and hypocris.

Art in America: Comprised of 3 family members (Chris, Dan and Shishonee Flynn)

Art Zoyd: A French Zeuhl band

Ash Ra Tempel : One of the most formidable of the German Krautrock groups, Ash Ra Tempel were a powerful force led by guitarist Manuel Göttsching , and also included former Tangerine Dream drummer Klaus Schulze at various points. 

Asia: Formed by prog giants, even though their music is more FM pop oriented.

Atheist: Founded in Sarasota, Florida, USA in 1987 (as Oblivion since 1984) – Disbanded in 1994 – Reformed in 2006. Atheist plays an extremely complex death-jazz. Fans of complex music, fast playing, and extreme metal should love Atheist.Legendary prog-metal band, incredible chops and fusion-oriented playing,

Atoll: Founded in Paris, France in 1973 – Disbanded in 1981 – Reformed in 1989 and again 2003, 2006 and 2014. 

Atomic Rooster: With Vincent Crane on keyboards and Carl Palmer on drums on their first album

Kevin Ayers: A founding member of Soft Machine

Ayreon: A Dutch progressive metal concept from the mid-1990s onward

Azureth: Is built around a commitment to compositional excellence, expansive epic melodies, moving musical drama, with deeply poetic, philosophical, well-crafted lyrics underpinning this solid musical foundation. In one big sweep, Azureth captures the essence of Yes, Genesis and Kansas, distilling them into their very own, more contemporary Alternative flavored brand of progressive rock.

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