Horrendous: From old school to new age.

Horrendous - Idol

From Philedelphia comes the progressive death metal band Horrendous with their new album Idol. From their early beginnings there have been a shift in their sound from old school death metal, to now having a more progressive death metal-sound. With their new conseptual album released on Season of Mist, they’ve already received great feedback, and want to capture the imagination of new fans with their uniquely blended music.

Horrendous was formed back in 2009, when the three founding members Damian Herring and brothers Matt and Jamie Knox met at the university they were attending. With their common interest for old school death metal, they teamed up to form a band that would capture the sound of the early death metal bands. They combined elements from the north american scene with european bands, and released their first demo, Sweet Blasphemies, the same year.

It took another three years before their debut The Chills was released. From here on they began to develop their sound further, bringing in more melody into their compositions, and later adding progressive elements. While their 2014 release Ecdysis had a more heavy and melodic death metal sound, they would transform into a progressive death metal band when Anareta was released in 2015.

With their signing to Season of Mist, and the release of Idol in late september, the band have created a conseptual album they urge the listener to experience in its entirety, as each song is a variation of a greater theme. The idea behind the album is about worshipping a deity, with admiration, adoration and devotion, and in many ways represents a new beginning for its members, and is the first release where bassists Alex Kulick, who joined the band back in 2016, is attending. Idol clicks in at a tad under forty minutes, and consists of six full songs, with an intro of about a minute, and a short track of solely guitar play before the Obulus ends the record.


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