Kriegsmaschine: Misanthropic shriek.

Kriegsmaschine - Apocalypticists

The polish black metal scene is already famous with the ungodly sons of Behemoth. The country have seen a shift away from the catholic church’s powergrip in recent years, and it is especially the younger generation that have begun waking up from the slumber of the cluthces this sect have had over this country’s population for a thousand years. Yet, with nearly 90% of its citizens still identifying as catholics, there’s still a long way to go for the polish people’s superstitious beliefs to fade away into obscurity, where it belongs.

With members coming from bands like Hate, Mgła, Crionics and Massemord (a norwegian word which means ‘mass murder’), Kriegsmaschine formed in 2002, and over the next few years put out several demos. In 2004 they dropped their first proper release, the EP A Thousand Voices. The following year their first long play was put out, 2005s Altered States of Divinity. 

They have done a few splits over the years, with Szron and Infernal War, and have after 2006 released an album, either EP or LP every four years. As there are four years since Last Man, it’s time for more black metal from Kriegsmaschine, and with Apolcalypticists they may have put out their best music to date. With lamentation and a dissonant voice, the vocalist M throws out his distaste to the world around him, to an atmospheric backdrop of dark black metal.


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