Mark D: Rockin’ On.

Mark D - The Blue Bird

Mark Deutrom have had an eventful career, both as a musician, sound engineer and label manager. Today he will be releasing his seventh solo album under the moniker Mark D.

From a background at the California Institue of the Arts, attending seminars with composers like John Cage and Morton Feldman, Deutrom was part of the mid-80s metal-scene playing in the thrash metal band Clown Alley. He co-founded Alchemy Records in 1986, where he not only published music of his own band, but groups like The Melvins and Neurosis’ debut album Pain of Mind, which he also produced.

In 1993 he was invited to play bass in the sludge metal band The Melvins, and remained in the band until 1998, and contributed on albums such as Stoner Witch and Stag. In 2001 he released his first solo work, the experimental rock album The Silent Treatment, bringing in stoner and psychedelic rock. He continued releasing music under the name Mark D until 2014, when he formed the group Bellringer, and released the single Wait, where he added blues and jazz to his expression. The debut album was released two years later, and an EP the following year.

The first single from The Blue Bird, Maximum Hemingway, which was released in early December, Deutrom commented on the song; “A micro elegy for the archetypal and subconscious masculineuniverse, forever receding out of reach, unobtainable, imaginary and lost.”

On the record his is accompanied by guest musicians; jazz drummer Aaron lack, bassist G. Pat Harris who have his musical roots in jazz, classical and Amerian traditions, and Duck Soup’s saxophonist Joe Morales. The art work on the album is done by Mark’s wife, Jennifer.


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