The Bob Lazar Story: Studied music theory and karate!

The Bob Lazar Story - Vanquisher

Following 2017’s critically acclaimed Baritonia, Matt Deacon and Chris Jago once again join forces to create another collection of songs without words to make your brain dance. Matt Deacon describes the new album Vanquisher as «containing some of our most densely packed arrangements so far, yet is contrasted with sparser acoustic moments, creating a balance that could never be described as ‘too orangey».

The irrepressible Foodstool’s adventures will be further chronicled on this new album, much to the delight of all fans of conceptual continuity.

Purveyor of tritonal wankery, The Bob Lazar Story hail from Christchurch, NZ and offer you an oasis of ProgMathsFusion to soothe your weary earholes. Three releases to choose from, and the last and fourth album Vanquisher is to be released in August. The band describe the sound as, «Sounds like two small bands fighting on some stairs!». Some statement about the music”…like King Crimson playing a medieval minstrel tune.” “Utterly captivating and totally bonkers.”  “A tasty cake of dribbly madness” The track Section 8,

The band was founded in Christchurch, New Zealand in fourteen years ago and according to the musicians is that town a place where not many people like interesting music. The band has a regardless of wide palette of musical influences and their structural quirkiness, they’re really good at knitting various harmonies. The Bob Lazar Storyis yet another uncompromising band from the ever-growing New Zealand scene. The band deliver on the heavier side of eclectic prog, with bursting patterns, hissy organ in the background Zappa’s quirkiness, and Crimson angularity.

They’re not afraid to unexpectedly shift a time-measure or two or throw in a solid amount of jazz fusion or anything you can imagine. Their influences are covering everything from Testament to Dixie Dregs. Yes, acoustic folksy parts are also there, as well as hi-tech synth moments.

The Bob Lazar Story according to the band`s Facebook is that band is the musical brainchild of Matt Deacon and he actually was born and raised in Liverpool, UK. He came across an acoustic guitar in 1982 and played the shit out of it until he became perfectly mediocre. A few years later he had to decide between two possible futures:

  1. A life of potential musical obscurity.
  2. Becoming a top, top football legend.

Luckily for you, he opted for number 1. After playing lead guitar for seminal Liverpool band Cosmic Donut, Matt attended Community College from 1993-1996 where he studied music theory and karate. In 1998, after growing disillusioned with the Karate scene in the UK, Deacon travelled to New Zealand, where he now resides. Deacon taught guitar for several years before giving it up to become, frankly, one of the best Posties in the southern hemisphere.

As Music Technology became more affordable, Deacon started recording tunes, culminating in his first release in 2004. This eponymous debut was OK, but things improved greatly when he changed his musical name from Matt Deacon to The Bob Lazar Story.  2006 brought the magical first proper album, titled “(sic)”. This was critically acclaimed by at least three people. In 2007 The Silence of Perez de Cuellar EP was released to even more acclaim.

Deacon then embarked upon the crazy 4 year journey that included one year of taxi driving back in Liverpoolbut ended with the release of Space Roots in 2012. Space Roots was the cathartic scream of a man who had epic computer issues spread over multiple hard drives. It was also the first collaboration between Deacon and his erstwhile rhythmical genius: Chris Jago.

2014 saw the release of Ghost Of Foodstool, a fifteen minute epic that spawned popular hits such as Threadkiller and Funniest Cat Video Ever II. It was also the first release where Chris Jago played on all tracks, leading to a more cohesive sound across all songs.

2015 saw the release of Self-Loathing Joe, a twenty minute ride into the heart of The Bob Lazar Story.

2016 saw an intense period of writing, culminating in the release of Baritonia in April 2017, through Bad Elephant Music.


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