Entombed A.D.: Tons of exhilarating brute force

Entombed A.D. – Bowles Of Earth

Swedish death metal band Entombed A.D. have released their new album Bowles Of Earth. The veterans are returning with their most devastating and gnarly music to date. The full-length album is faster, tighter and more viscerally crushing than anything they have produced before. The new album is recorded with initial assistance from revered studio guru Jacob Helner (Rammstein) and thereafter overseen by Nico Elgstrand. Bowels Of Earth is instantly recognizable as the best sounding Entombed A.D. release to date. Striking a sublime balance between gritty extremity and big, bold, contemporary sonic values. It’s the sound of a great band becoming greater and loving every brutal, death-obsessed second of it. The new album definitely offer thrilling glimpses of the band’s future! The track Torment Remains is rumbling tank-swarm and offer zero compromise and several tons of exhilarating brute force and lacerating hooks.

Nobody can cheat death. And nobody can cheat at death metal either. Flying the flag for balls-out and murderous death metal since 2014, Entombed A.D. are poised to return with one of 2019’s most devastating, deathly statements. Many metal heads would say that this is death metal done right!

«We’re doing a ton of festivals this year and we’ll go on tour when the album comes out, LG Petrov concludes. We’re working on it all right now. We’ll get out there, tour and then we’ll make another new album. It never ends! We all enjoy it a lot. When we meet up in the cab to the airport and have a few beers, we’re a happy bunch of guys!».

«We have our Brazilian friend, Guilherme Miranda, coming into the band on guitar and laughs says LG. Petrov. We’ve been getting energy from that. This recording was a lot more focused and straightforward. We kept things simple, but still with thought behind everything. And there was absolutely no stress! We recorded the drums in one studio and the rest was recorded in a little tiny place. I wouldn’t even call it a studio, it was just recording devices and drums and amps, but it really worked. You don’t have to go these big studios for three months anymore. So we spent four months in a little studio instead, ha ha ha!».

«We tried to focus a lot on the guitar sound, to make it new and exciting but still that old school, back-in-the-day, HM-2 distortion vibe. So it’s back to the roots, but new flowers are arriving! Ha ha! But it’s more death metal than anything else. People can call us whatever they like. Everybody has their own interpretation of music and lyrics and that’s cool! We prefer to just call it music».

The band was formed by former Entombed members LG Petrov (vocals), Victor Brandt (bass), Nico Elgstrand (guitar) and Olle Dahlstedt (drums), this marauding band of death metal warriors have steadily established their own identity over the last five years. Debut album Back To The Front was a raw and raucous revelation that delighted fans old and new. Two years later, the monstrous Dead Dawn emerged, building on the debut’s furious power and confirming Entombed A.D. as major players in today’s world of brutality. The band has been featured on Blabbermouth, Loudwire, Metal Injection, Heavy Blog Is Heavy, Guitar World, New Noise Magazine, and have toured with massive artists like Amon Amarth, Behemoth, and more. Fast forward to 2019 and the third chapter in the band’s savage saga is ready to be unleashed. The track Elimination have an unrelenting intensity,

«We released Back To The Front and that was a great album, says LG Petrov. Then we made Dead Dawn and now we’ve come to the point where we’ve sound our comfort zone, we’ve found our own sound, and we’re just taking time to sort everything out and get it right. Now we have a great sound and a good foundation for the future. Everything feels really good right now. The new album is called Bowels Of Earth it’s death metal – simple and straightforward! ».

The first Entombed A.D. created by the band’s current line-up, which also features long-time live guitarist Guilherme Miranda, Bowels Of Earth represents a huge leap forward for these gnarly veterans. Faster, tighter and more viscerally crushing than anything they have produced before, the brutish, pummeling likes of first single Fit For A King.


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