下山: Ritual Beast.

下山 - 狂

Japanese experimental rock band Gezan 下山 – released their fifth longplay in late January.  Vocalist マヒトゥ・ザ・ピーポー (Mahi to the People) was the first one who caught my attention, with his almost castrate voice. Diving futher into this record you’ll find musicians who are thinking about the overall sound of the album, while paying close attention to details.

The four-piece formed in Osaka back in 2009, and have built a sizable discograpy since the release of the EP 発酵した我が母国 the same year. In 2012 the band moved their base to Tokyo and released their first full length LP called かつて うた といわれたそれ (It was Once Called a Song), and a live album.

On 狂 (Madness) the band has divided the music in layers you can engulf yourself in, bringing many different influences into their foremost noisy and psychedelic soundscape. Many of the thirteen songs have a transcending ritual rhythm to them blended into a punkish rock ‘n‘ roll attitude. Did I mention the metal and the guttural voices and screams? A band not afraid of bringing inspirations from a well of sources into their music and mix it all up. Hypnotizing you into a deep state of mind then break it with rapid sledgehammers.


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