Coldflesh: Everchanging colorful images.

Coldflesh - Phantasmagoric Realms

The Norwegian band Coldflesh recently dropped their first material with the 4-track EP Phantasmagoric Realms. Their music is a combination of thrash, black, and death metal, with a focus on the latter.

Located in the Oslo region, the group has existed for about five years now, with several changes in the line-up along the way, being a quintet at one time, but is now a quartet. The members consists of Audun Melbye on guitar, Robin Berg Pettersen on guitar and vocals, Magnus Slettebø on bass, and Laszlo Juhos on drums. Juhos is also part of the death/black metal band Fleshmeadow.  The word “phantasmagoric” means a weird, colorful pictures that is continually moving and changing.

Phantasmagoric Realms was released March 27.


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