MRHO: A thought haunted Vladislav…..

MRHO – The Story

Recently MRHO released the album The Story.

MRHO states at Bancdamp,«At first the universe existed unmanifested. But once everything became apparent, it was omnipresent and absolute. Subsequently, for centuries and millennia, everything was subject to the laws of nature. It would seem that nothing could harm this balance. But one event could shock it… ».

«And its name was Human! By its appearance, having plunged the universe into the abyss of passions and immoralities, it fell a victim to its treachery, thereby purifying the universe from filth».

«But who or what decided its fate? Perhaps, MROH…».

Ha also states, «I (Vladislav) started making music as a drummer in 2006. I played in several groups which mainly played metalcore. I have not been fond of such a genre like black metal; I listened to death metal, deathcore, metalcore. Recently, I met by chance and was inspired by the work of the band Батюшка and realized that I had previously undeservedly avoided black metal».

«Once at the end of 2019 one thought haunted me. I could not sleep for a long time and suddenly realized that I wanted to create a project in the genre of Atmospheric Black Metal. At that time I already had certain melodies and ideas. In order to implement my plans, I had to borrow a guitar from my friend. I started recording material for the album without having enough experience in playing the guitar, since I never positioned myself as a guitarist, but developed as a drummer. But as soon as I picked up the guitar, the process immediately went… ».

«The first instrumental track was recorded by me on my own, later it was released as a single. Then I could not decide on the name of the project and the single came out under my nickname. In the future, this track became part of our album. I doubted my undertakings for a long time and simultaneously negotiated with the band «Батюшка» (Krzysztof «Христофор» Drabikowski) for participation in this project as a session vocalist in the choir. I had to record several vocal covers and demonstrate my abilities. I plunged into this work and did not pay enough attention to my project. In the future, my plans did not succeed, due to problems with obtaining a visa, and I decided to devote myself completely to my own project».

«At the same time, I did drum and vocal covers of «Батюшка» and posted them on Instagram. On this basis I met the current guitarist Yura. I immediately found a common language with him and we became friends. At that time he also posted guitar covers of the band «Батюшка» on Instagram and I invited him to become part of my project. He was very close to the style and my idea and also had  ideas that we could use in the project. Although Yura lives in another part of the country this did not interfere with the development of the project and we succeeded».

«In parallel, I was thinking about the name of the group. As a teenager, I had my own group M.R.O.H. which played metalcore and I decided to revive this name. We thought for a long time how to use it and Yura suggested making a whole story about it. So MROH has become the name of the entity that governs our fictional universe. Later the concept of the future album and the story that unfolds on its pages was born».

«Initially we planned to release an EP album. I was finishing recording tracks, Yura was finishing work on history and lyrics. But at that moment the alleged label refused us, citing the fact that they release exclusively LP. At that time the main problem was that we lacked material for a full-length album. In no case did we want to give up and we began to act swiftly. By that time I was very exhausted and could not continue to write music. Yura picked up and recorded several songs that perfectly complement the album!».

«To promote our project we created pages in all social networks and recorded a joint guitar video of the single previously released by me. This video served as a good starting point for the popularization of the project. After that one of our Instagram subscribers recorded his version of this instrumental on YouTube. We invited him to become a bass player to which he agreed. This man is Florian Issel, later on he took an active part in recording bass parts and also provided one of his tracks to the album. With it we finished work on the album and I started mixing and mastering at my home studio MROH Records».

«Moving closer to the release we decided to supplement the concept and back it with an exclusive design. My wife Diana took care of this, she is a tattoo artist and a free artist. The result of her work was an illustration for each track of the album as well as the cover and the logo of the group. Today  we have a full-length album and we are beginning to work on material that will be included in the second album. Our story has a continuation and we do not stand still! We really appreciate our work and try to convey the whole atmosphere of the album to the listeners, plunging into it makes it impossible to remain indifferent! Thus our project can boldly be considered one of the successful examples of Internet collaboration. Born in the depths of Instagram, it not only developed, but also spread far beyond».

«Now, to strengthen the composition and possible further performances we needed a second guitar player, I decided to take my friend Vadim into the group. Due to the fact that he did not participate in the creation and recording of the album as well as being a new member, we do not indicate his name officially but perhaps in the future he will prove himself as an author and will make his contribution to the second and subsequent albums».


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