Vulkan: Impressive third.

Vulkan - Technatura

The Swedish progressive rock/metal outfit Vulkan released their third album about a month ago, and damn, what a record it is. I am a bit surprised this record has gone under the radar, as the music video of the opener only received around 3,000 views on YouTube, as it is a serious impressive release from this unsigned band. This has gotten tens of spins on my ears by now, and it is an obvious mid-year candidate for a spot on my 2020 top ten list.

The group is native of Karlstad, and started back in 2006 under the name Morgeous Garvin, but changed to Vulkan in 2011, and has released two LPs previous under this brand. Their music can be described as young, modern prog rock/metal, with a flawless production. I’ve seen other music sites put them in the same category as Porcupine Tree and Carptree, which may correct, but if you’re fan of bands like Haken and Leprous, you should definitely check them out. They do have some Tool influences, and even U2, and uses instruments like violins, brass, and didgeridoo in their soundscape.

The first half of the album have English lyrics, but half-way through they shift to Swedish, with tracks like Klagans Snara (The Complaint’s Trap), Spökskepp (Ghostship), and Marans Ritt (The Nightmare’s Ride). Jimmy Lindblad do a tremendous job behind the microphone and elevate the music with his varied style of singing.

For fans of Borknagar, you’ll probably recognize the animator behind the opener This Visual Hex, Costin Chioreanu at Twillight 13 Media, who made the Up North video which was released last year.


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