Navian: A new Norwegian djent band.

Navian - Reset

There has been a lack of Norwegian bands that has drawn inspiration from the djent movement that internationally has been going on for the last ten years, sadly enough, even though this section of metal has been somewhat popular among millennials. The instrumental trio Navian is a new band that will be added to this very short list, and is influenced from artists and bands like Plini, Intervals and Polyphia.

The members of the band met as they attended a bachelor in popular music, and started playing with the goal of challenging themselves, practicing for hours and hours, creating the music they dreamed about performing. The first four songs were written after they were booked for their first gig, and they spent the month leading up to it putting the tracks together. The Norwegian metal label Indie recordings has picked up the band, and releases their debut EP Reset, consisting of five tracks. They have already started writing music for their first LP, which they hope will be dropped in the first quarter of next year.


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