Yegor Zabelov: Post-human connections.

Yegor Zabelov - Niti

The accordion player Yegor Zabelov released his first solo album in February, though I recently discovered it. As a lifelong Piazolla fan, the sound of the accordion just melts my heart, with its soothing vibrations and big multi-faceted sound. This is not tango though, as I found the record under the label of post-minimalism, another genre I find intriguing, though the LP does contain a good portion of jazz influences.

Zabelov is part of Belarus underground music scene, and is the founder of groups like Gurzuf and his own Yegor Zabelov Trio, and has played in groups like Nagual and Serebryanya Svadba. He writes compositions not only for himself and his own bands, but also for theatrical performances and movies.

His musical career began as a child under the supervision of his father, before he went on to study at Mogilev Musical College, and later at the State Academy of Music. He begun writing composition at the age of twenty during his time in college, and his first work, Sonata, received a prize in a local contest. During the next years he became interested in other kinds of musical expressions, like rock and jazz.

Niti consists of seven tracks named I-VII, and the name symbolizes the allergorical connections between people and events. It is about contacts, consequence and relationships. The producer on the album is Yuriy Khustocha from the Ukrainian rock back Ocean Elzy, and it took three days to record it, and another three months of post-production.

Even though the performance of the songs are inspiried by the works of the American- Afghan author Khaled Hosseini, whose work include the international success The Kite Runner, they were written before he knew of his writings, but he was looking for solutions of form, sound, and dynamic.


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