Victor’s Rampage: The Enochians shifts course.

It has been eight years since we last heard anything from Enochian Theory, and the release of their second and last album, Life …And All It Entails. On their Facebook page, the band recently announced that drummer Sam Street and bassist Shaun Rayment had a new project in the works called Victor’s Rampage, and they will drop their debut album in mid-October.

The music from the English duo will be alternative progressive rock/metal, and they just published the first taste from the record with the track Playground 249. All production and artwork are done by the Sam and Shaun themselves, and the album was recorded at Rayment’s own recording studio, SDR Audio Production.

On their homepage the duo states that they wanted to capture the warmth, smoothness, and dynamics of some of the big records made in the 80’s and 90’s, but with the clarity of music made today.

Infinite Elbow will be a mini album, and released on 16th October.


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