Taskaha: Playing with time signatures.

Taskaha is a new five-piece Norwegian prog rock/metal band, who will release their first album at the end of this month. Today they dropped the first song from the nine-track debut called Mind Date.

The band formed back in 2014 and started writing music for their first self-titled album two years later. In the promo mail they state that they try to challenge themselves when writing songs, experimenting with arrangement, utilizing different time signatures, and incorporating different genres and styles into their sound, including a humorous touch the music.

Several of the members has been playing together on various occasions since the early 90’s, and had success on side projects, giving them experience from major venues both in Norway and abroad. They gotten no other than the legend Jens Bogren to master the record, the mixing is done by Øyvind Voldmo Larsen at Lionheart Studios in Oslo, while Thomas Kaldhol is behind the artwork.

Taskaha will be released August 28th.


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