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Restive Nation – Lucidum

Restive Nation are a 7 piece alternatve rock/electronic crossover collective from Dublin, Ireland. The pretty hypnotic track Decept is the second single from their EP Lucidum.Lucidum is packed with multigenre alternative influences from Depeche Mode, Tool and Massive Attack to Nine Inch Nails, A Perfect Circle, and Steven Wilson.

(Verse 1)

I feel my skin burn

My eyes are wide, pulsing through

A state of focus

The pressure builds and follows through


I can feel it, taste it on my skin

I break it, I push it, I face it And I’m not finished at all x4

(Verse 2)

And I feel impartial

The closer I get, the more I decay

Well this void ain’t closing

The pressure builds then fades away (Chorus)

I can feel it, taste it on my skin

I break it, I push it, I face it And I’m not finished at all


(Verse 3)

Hard to Swallow

Something changed

I pushed away all I knew

I can’t follow

I can’t sustain

I drift away from you


I push it, I face it 

And I’m not finished at all


And yeah I figured you out

Restive Nation are:

Chris Cahill

Ciarán Timmy Lynch

Ben Thonett

Cion O’Callaghan

Tony Carberry


John Atmahead

Drums on Descent performed by Kevin Liffey

To show how many instruments Restive Nation uses, the list comes here!:

Fender Jazz V and Fender Precision Basses, TC Electronics Amps, Boss Pedals, Dunlop Pedals, MXR Pedals, Jam Pedals, Hartke, Orange Cabs, D’addario Bass strings. Gibson Guitars, Fender Guitars, Digitech Pedals, MXR Pedals, Zvex Pedals, Korg Pedals, Marshall Pedals, Marshall Amps, Orange Amps, Monster Cables, D’addario strings, Focusrite, Apple Computers, Akai Professional, Ableton Live. Pearl Omar Hakim Signature Snare, Zildjian Platinum Cymbals, Tama speed Cobra kick pedal, DW PDP CM6 Fusion Maple kit, Alesis sample pad 4, Korg synthesizers, arturia synthesizers.

Restive Nation not only create an atmosphere, but a sub-level universe of sound, thoughtful intelligent lyrics and ideas that help the listener to free-fall and move through genres and concepts.

Swelling with talent and refreshing brilliance, Descent follows the previous Coma single with a different blueprint but all the while encompassing the bands ethos to push boundaries and venture into the horizon with rigid confidence.

Commenting on the track:

Descent is an atmospheric piano-led tune with a rhythmic chorus that climaxes in a crescendo of screeching synth and abrasive guitar work. The track influences are rooted in Nine Inch Nails (With Teeth/Year Zero era) and Massive Attack.  The song was written about an acid trip taken with friends and watching people’s appearance change as they descend into their inner consciousness on a journey of self-exploration.

The song begins as the effects slowly take place with an initial fear and trepidation that gives way to a chorus of warmth and safety with the desire to trust in the experience and explore even deeper.

The story progresses as the traveler realizes that there is nothing to fear and to take insight from what is happening. The finale is full acceptance and crossing over, a willingness to abandon old trains of thought for something more profound. The song ends in a rapture of euphoria as the traveler has gained a new, insightful perspective.”

The album was produced by Andy Pilkington at Very Metal Art, this is a stunning video that marries perfectly to the haunting song Descent and is a must watch.

Restive Nation was formed in 2014 after witnessing a mind-blowing Nine Inch Nails show, a group of 4 musicians felt compelled to form an industrial style heavy rock band. After spending months searching for a vocalist to no avail, they decided to do the unthinkable – to have guest vocalists collaborate on different tracks to complement their expanding sound. The track Coma,

Through 2016 and 2017 they gigged extensively, before quartet then became a trio and released four well-received singles, each completely different from the last, owing tocollaborations with diverse vocalists; from the tribal infused eastern tones of It’s Just A Skull…(feat. Siobhán Kavanagh), to the ambient grunge of The Nihilist (feat. Dave Byrd), then leap into the complex progressive wormhole of Cliff’s Edge (feat. Atmahead) and land yourself in the thick of it with the contemplative brooding Murmur (feat. Dave Lee), it seemed that no territory was untraversable for Restive Nation.

2018 witnessed the band breaking new ground with their first ever music video for The Future followed by the release of their debut EP We Atrophy. The EP showcased some extremely promising potential and featured an array of different guest voices as well as instrumental tracks.

In late 2018 the band reached new heights with their rendition of Mike Oldfield’s intro to Tubular Bells complete with a hilarious parody video of The Exorcist. The band finished out the year in triumph opening for Mortiis.

2019-2020 has seen the line-up swell from a trio to a septet with the inclusion of a synth player and 3 permanent vocalists.

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