Kairon; IRSE!: Self-produced psychonauts.

I was introduced to the Finnish band with the odd name Kairon; IRSE! in 2017, when they released their previous record, Ruination, which made it to my top 10 of that year, and I remember I was especially found of their guitar melodies. With their recent album they have reduced the melodic guitar parts, bringing their music to a more subtle psychedelic approach. While Ruination was a more prog rock album, this time the progressive elements are still there, but the psychedelic sounds have a more central part, with heavy synth being more present.

The quartet was formed in 2009 in the town of Kaustinen, and dropped the promo the following year. In 2011 the seven-track debut was released, with their breakout-album Ujubasajuba coming out three years later.

Even if the band is attached to Svart Records, they decided to self-produce Polysomn. Guitarist Niko has explained that “We had a clear goal in our mind of what we should sound like, therefore we chose to produce the album ourselves. Our goal was to make an intact and more compact that all of its songs would support individually”.


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