Norwegian prog through 2020 – Part 3


There were only three albums released in this summer month, the first being Pixie Ninja’s Colours out of Space. Named after the H.P. Lovecraft short story, the band plays instrumental prog rock with electronic elements.

The Oslo-band Fatal Fusion put out their fourth LP called Dissonant Minds, playing progressive rock.

The last group to publish an album this month was Laughing Stock with The Island. Attached to Apollon Records, they play neo-prog.


In the last summer vacation month, several of the more well-known groups put out their new works. On the 1st of the month, the prog metal band Brotthogg dropped The Die is Cast, blending death, black, and thrash metal into their sound.

Jaga Jazzist’s Pyramid EP had a somewhat troubled start, as the first release date was set to April 24th, and some of the songs was put out before that. When the extensive play was finally released on August 7th, much of the hype was gone, and on top of that it turned out to be one of the group’s weaker releases.

The juggernauts in Motorpsycho dropped their new album The All is One in late August. For those who are not familiar with Norwegian psych and prog, these veterans has been strong advocates for these genres through 30 years, with an extensive discography of 24 albums, and a shit load of EPs.

The last group releasing an album in August was the newcomer prog rockers of Taskaha with their self-titled longplay.


The output of prog music started rising again, and the first group out in September was the progressive black metal band with death elements, Pyrrhic, and their EP Viles Slumber (not to be confused with the American prog death band with the same name).

Ihsahn put out his second EP of the year, called Pharos, were the cover he does of A-ha’s Manhatten Skyline, with vocals by Einar Solberg of Leprous, is worth checking out.

From Gjøvik, Håvard Lunde aka Moonscape, put out the EP Resurgence, were he plays progressive death metal with power influences. He will release a LP at the end of November.

The art rockers of Gazpacho released their eleventh album, called Fireworker.

Hengestaur (the meaning of their name is odd, but if you’re very interested, look it up) from Hordaland published their new album named MMXIX, Fell Sjølve Døden (yet another strange and old Norwegian expression). The band plays progressive black metal with post-metal influences.

The stoner-prog rock group Kings of the Valley put out their self-titled album.

Yobrepus, playing indie and electronic art rock, released Myscelium Days on September 25th.


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