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Arya – For Ever

There is an incredible amount of really good music that is not necessarily so famous and well known. We here at Permafrost are probably more than many other music magazines concerned with these very talented artists who have not got the spotlight yet. It was therefore nice when Luca Pasini from the band Arya asked if we could write about the band.

Arya is sad and sophisticated music from Rimini, Italy, and Arya States, «We are not trying to entertain you. We are artists, we are painfully trying to build beauty».

Prog Metal Zone states , «Arya is a young Italian band who has a cool dark/ambient style with driving rhythms, plenty of atmospherics, electronics and an excellent female vocalist. There just aren’t enough bands exploring this kind of sound and Arya does it very well, especially on uber-intense songs like Vanity which even has a strong djent aspect to it».

Luca Pasini states, «Our new album, called For Ever, has been recently released on October 20. As for our previous records, this album blends many different musical influences and styles throughout the songs, and we believe it has an interesting story to tell. The track Flares,

Video directed and edited by Luca Pasini, featuring Simone Succi and Luca Pasini. Music by Arya.


I’m turning into something I don’t like

and I’ve always feared to become

as if the story of my life was in my hands

and I’d already knew it by heart

and I couldn’t escape it

and whatever will happen

it doesn’t look good from here

it’s not worth the wait, the labour

I try to look alright but I’m turning

in stone and I’ve forgot how to feel

my mind is a secret and no one believes

what I tell as a joke is real

Disorientated but alive

I have no goal left in my mind

not a destination

where to look for perfection

boundless flares breaking up my vision

loveless space all around my prison

lightless days I would rather stay in

lifeless maids blaming me in my dreams

talking to people has slowly become

the fear of being hurt or to scare

when I am with you I feel no pleasure

believe me, now what should I dare?

If you came to join me

I wouldn’t believe you

I would still stay stuck in here

I know I would hurt you or turn you insane

If you came to join me

I wouldn’t believe you

I would still stay stuck in here

I know I would hurt you or turn you insane

boundless flares breaking up my vision

loveless space all around my prison

lightless days I would rather stay in

lifeless maids blaming me in my dreams

Arya is a band trying among many difficulties to push the boundaries of music and to express their own emotions and personalities. Based in Rimini, Italy, they started out in 2015, making themselves known for their intense music,that shows a huge number of influences and elements of many genres including metal, grunge, jazz, shoegaze, ambient and indie pop, and for their rentless recording activity. The track Lost War Song,

Since the beginning the band has played many shows and festivals in different parts of Italy as well as the San Marino Republic, Austria and Switzerland, sharing the stage with bands and artists of any genre, and learning something from all of them. Their music has been often enthusiastically reviewed, and has been featured in some compilations and rankings. The track Drama,

The personal stories and issues of the members of Arya has always been granted a place inside their music, that tells about despair, frustration, impossibility of relating to others, self-destructive instincts and antidepressants. Their music has always tried to be sincere and spontaneous in every aspect, production included. The track Roma,

After releasing three albums, In Distant Oceans (2015), Dreamwars (2017), Endesires (2018) and the Zero EP (2019), the band is ready to release their fourth work For Ever in 2020, after a long and painful composing and recording process.

Arya are running an active Youtube channel, where they sometimes post interesting contents such as vlogs and tour diaries, to show the situation of live music in their region of Italy and topromote the bands they meet on the road. The band has always followed a strong DIY attitude: everything from production to mixing, artwork, promotion and booking has almost always been entirely handled by the band members.

Genre: Progressive metal/rock, alternative rock, mathcore, post-metal, experimental……

In Distant Oceans (2015)

Dreamwars (2017)

Endesires (2018)

Zero (EP, 2019)

For Ever (2020)

Band members:

Luca Pasini – guitar, vocals

Simone Succi – guitar, vocals


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