Angelus Apatrida: With the angriest song they ever composed…..

Angelus Apatrida - Indoctrinate

«When your new album is written and recorded during a global pandemic, you might expect some side effects on it. Indoctrinate is the opening track of Angelus Apatrida and it’s probably the angriest song we ever composed! It reflects a mix of all feelings experienced throughout this past year and also how people were being radicalized via stupid extremist populism within society. There is no place for racism, fascism, homophobia or any other act of intolerance or bigotry in Rock music. Actually, there is no place for any of it in a civilized, democratic society. And it’s our responsibility to face it and not to look the other way. This is hostile music for hostile times», states Angelus Apatrida about the release. The track Indoctriate,

Lyrics: Indoctrinate

Moving like a leech

Your talk smells like shit

Another day in the office

This ain’t gonna be the same

In any fucking way

Just give me a reason to take a break

You’re making us more violent

You’re trying all our patience

Why always heading straight?

Is it part of their game?

That is what they have to say, don’t listen!

Indoctrinate / through fear then / dominate

Indoctrinate / one true faith / inculcate

Predominate / strong voices will be heard

Intoxicate / snake tongues to / indoctrinate

Fuck what you preach

Your dictatorial speech

A bloody lesson to teach

Here are your dogs to tame

Walking the hall of fame

Drudge of the aryan race

Through noises we make silence

By war our flag of guidance

Wish all of them would die

You’re motherfucking right

This is what I have to say, listen!

Indoctrinate / through fear then / dominate

Intoxicate / snake tongues to / indoctrinate

Time has come to fight, unearth what was lost

As hatred (and) unreason are becoming one

My breath, my soul, forget what you’ve learned

And take back what’s ours once and for all

Build it through destruction

A new born paradigm

A fire with old certainties

Bringing a true solution

From chaos to declare the Revolution

Revolt! Revolution!

Time has come to fight, unearth what was lost

As hatred (and) unreason are becoming one

My breath, my soul, forget what you’ve learned

And take back what’s ours once and for all

Once and for all!

There are still thousands of enemies to tear apart

Risk just comes with the territory

Wasn’t this what you were asking for?

This is all the moral of the story

Inaction is a fate worse than death

Spain’s leading Thrash Metal band Angelus Apatrida returns with their 7th, self-titled album, to be released on February 5th, 2021 worldwide via Century Media Records.

Angelus Apatrida (/ˈan-je-lus – a-ˈpa-tri-da/) was produced by the band, recorded with Juanan López in September/October at Baboon Records, in Albacete, Spain and then mixed and mastered by Christopher Zeuss Harris (Rob Zombie, Overkill, Hatebreed, Municipal Waste, Shadows Fall) at Planet-Z in Wilbraham, MA, USA. The album features 10 songs, sounding more determined, versatile and ferocious than ever before, on the verge of the group’s 20th anniversary of existence. A first impression of the album can be obtained now via the single Bleed The Crown.

Angelus Apatrida checked in with the following comment about the song: «It’s really hard to choose what’s gonna be the first single of an album, which is a complete single by itself! Bleed The Crown maybe is one of those classic Angelus Apatrida songs that unites energy, awesome riffs and catchy vocals that once you listen to it will stay in your head the whole day! Powerful song, screaming against dark powers pulling strings from above. A perfect appetizer of what’s coming next with our new album! ».


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