Pierpaolo Bibbò: With irreplaceable role in a world full of insecurities….

Pierpaolo Bibbò – Razza Umana

Fourth record work for Pierpaolo Bibbò, and third album on M.P. & Records label which confirms the lasting friendship and collaboration of the label with the Sardinian artist. The album is entitled Razza Umana (Human Race).

A mature work, which after Genemesis of 2012 and Via Lattea of 2018, takes up the themes dear to Bibbò: the inexorable flow of time and above all the search for an awareness that finally makes the human a creature capable of understanding itself and to participate in an irreplaceable role in a world full of insecurities.

An interior research that Pierpaolo Bibbò develops starting from inspired lyrics and above all from never predictable but definitely enveloping melodies. The track Ritratto D’Inverno (Winter Portrait),

The album is produced by Vannuccio Zanella and Pierpaolo Bibbò, is out on January 15th, 2021, for M.P. & Records, distributed by G.T. Music Disttribution, publishing by Micio Poldo. The artistic supervision is by Fabio Fox Orecchioni. The CD is packaged in a precious tri-fold digipack with a 16-page booklet, artwork conceived and created by OndemediE.


Pierpaolo Bibbò: Vocals and back vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, 12 string guitar, bass, keyboards, synthesizers and programming

Massimiliano Congia: Vocals in Il cantastorie

Luca Agnello: violin in Il Dio Tempo

Mauro Gala: Drums in Eravamo giovani, Ritratto d’inverno, La Canzone Dei Non Sopravvissuti, L’estinzione

Simone Spano: Drums in Razza Umana, Il Dio Tempo”, Il Cantastorie.


1. Eravamo giovani (7:59)

2. Ritratto d’inverno (5:14)

3. Razza Umana (6:11)

4. Il Dio Tempo (4:36)

5. La canzone dei non sopravvissuti (5:59)

6. Il cantastorie (4:08)

7. L’estinzione (6:26)

Pierpaolo Bibbò was born in Cagliari on February 20, 1954. He made his recording debut in 1976 with the vocal duo Distlleria M.B. he founded together with his friend Giampiero Melosu. The single is entitled, Spectator Of An Idea, and  two years later the band’s second single which has as its title, The Memory Of Your Yes.

In 1980 he finally managed to publish his first solo work: Diapson, a 33 rpm progressive rock genre, made with the artistic collaboration of Adriano De Murtas on keyboards, Franco Medas on drums, Giacomo Medas on viola and Antonello Severino on the transverse flute.

The album, published by Strega Records, a label born in 1974 and distributed by Panarecords, arouses the interest of fans of this musical genre.

In 1982 he founded, together with Roberto Ionta, Sergio Mura, Silvestro Grecu, Aldo Spano and Cici Sanna, the rock band Segno, with whom he will record the single Il Segno in the same year, followed in 1984 by the Q Disc of the same name containing the songs: Anninnora ,Macchine ,Memories and Did You Wear Rubber Shoes? ” The band will finally disband in 1989.

In 1994, a label specialized in Rock Progressive: Mellow Records, bought the rights to Diapason and, reissuing it on CD, distributes it on the international market, thus widening the audience of the opera’s users.

The vinyl version of Diapason has reached a respectable listing on the collector’s record market.

From 1988 on, he collaborated as arranger and producer in the realization of various recording projects.

In 2012, 32 years after the release of Diapason, the project Genemesi  was born; a work, of course, of the Progressive Rock style, which takes about three years to complete.

Recorded in his Diapason Studio with the collaboration of the guitarist Fabio Orecchioni, the violinist Luca Agnello and the participation, in the song L’Osservatore indifferente, of the singer Silvia Ciudino.

The album concept deals with the condition of man in search of God, free from the dogmas imposed by religions. Published by M.P. & Record and distributed by G.T. Music.

In January 2018, always with the same label, the third album: Via Lattea. Co-produced with Vannuccio Zanella, it avails itself of the collaboration of Simone Spano on drums and percussion and of Fabio Orecchioni as artistic supervisor.


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