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Jerry Leger - Jumped In The Humber

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Jerry Leger is a singer/songwriter from Toronto, Canada. Jerry Leger has been called «one of Canada’s best» by Exclaim, a «gifted storyteller» by The Toronto Star and «One of the best Canadian songwriters» by Rolling Stone. Ron Sexsmith, Jim Lauderdale and Michael Timmins of Cowboy Junkies are known fans. The track Jump In The Humber from the album Time Out Of Tomorrow.

Jerry Leger – vocals/guitar

James McKie – lap steel

Dan Mock – bass/vocals

Kyle Sullivan – drums/percussion/vocals

Aaron Comeau – piano

Alan Zemaitis – organ


Jumped in the Humber

Or was he pushed

Bad deal gone down

Or just had enough

Read it in the papers

What was seen with eyes

Justice in the water

Or the truth here is blind

I know what nothing can buy

Loneliness on a stairwell of a long goodbye

The link is blotched

The father knows best

He gave up on his own happiness

The filament struggles

Something here’s gotta die

Take the fall for the future

Or grab the money and fly

I know what nothing can buy

Loneliness on a stairwell of a long goodbye

Clipped the shoulder

Trouble under the hood

The mayor fell in love

With more than he should

Oh, you’re hired if you know how to drive

Can you gun this sucker to the deep Eastside

I know what nothing can buy

Loneliness on a stairwell of a long goodbye

Moved his body

Said a prayer

Took his wallet before the cops got there

The air is full of whispers

The world’s filled with crime

It’s you or me or what’s his name

Gotta hang on the line

I know what nothing can buy

Loneliness on a stairwell of a long goodbye

The single Jumped In The Humber is an outtake from Leger’s 2019 album Time Out For Tomorrow, which is being released as a deluxe edition on March 26th, 2021. Also out on March 26th is the vinyl release of 2020’s home-recorded album Songs From The Apartment. These two vinyl releases are available for pre-order January 21st from the official website. The track read Between The Lines,

As with all the tracks from Time Out For Tomorrow, Jumped In The Humber was produced by Michael Timmins of alternative folk/rock band Cowboy Junkies and recorded with Leger’s long-time backing band, The Situation. As Torontonians and Ontarians will note, Humber is referencing the Humber River, the 100km river with two main branches that join north of Toronto and then flow into lake Ontario.

Jumped In The Humber was dropped last minute from Time Out For Tomorrow, though Leger kept it in his back pocket, expecting to release it in some way in the future. One indigenous name for the Humber River, Niwa’ah Onega’gaih’ih, Little Thundering Waters, might sum up the atmosphere of the track. It has a moody, powerful sound and tempo that supports foreboding lyrics like «You’re hired if you know how to drive /can you gun this sucker to the deep Eastside». The opening lyric, «Jumped in the Humber, or was he pushed» makes one sit up in their seat on first listen. The track For Hire,

This new single will be included as an exclusive flexi-disc record with the deluxe edition of Time Out For Tomorrow. Leger’s favorite part of the release is the flexi-disc: «You don’t see those around a lot anymore, but they used to come free with music magazines or promo packages. You’d get an unreleased Bob Dylan song or The Clash or somebody. I own a Who flexi-disc and all of the original Beatles fan club Christmas records were on flexi-disc».

Leger and his band were booked to tour Time Out For Tomorrow all across Europe when the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March 2020. Like so many artists, he had to cancel the tour and swallow some costs. In place of touring, Leger thought it would be fun to assemble a deluxe edition of the record with bonus tracks and extra merch. Time Out For Tomorrow is a must-buy for new fans of Leger; upon its November 2019 release the album received praise from the legendary Rolling Stone, Uncut, American Songwriter, Americana UK, The Arts Desk, and fellow Canadian songwriters Doug Paisley and Ron Sexsmith. It’s the third album in a row produced by Michael Timmins and released on the Cowboy Junkies’ record label, Latent Recordings.

Songs From The Apartment will be released on translucent red vinyl as a limited run of 300 copies. This vinyl release includes a bonus track, the piano ballad Sweep It Under The Rug, which is also available as a download with the deluxe edition of Time Out For Tomorrow. The picture of Leger is taken by Laura Proctor.


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