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Barock Project – The BoxSet

The Boxset from Barock Project which contains the band’s studio record history, will be released on February 19th. This is a six CD-set and is a completely remixed and remastered edition done by Misteriose7Rebus. The Boxset also contains 5 new tracks and the history of each record. 

2003-2021: eighteen years of great progressive rock for Barock Project, celebrated with the release of The BoxSet (Immaginifica/Aereostella), a box set that contains the whole discography of the band from Modena, one of the best prog-rock groups in Italy and abroad. The BoxSet contains the six albums of the band led by the keyboard player Luca Zabbini: the first five are special editions entirely remastered by Zabbini. The BoxSet is a musical trip into the history of Barock Project, who have faced the progressive legacy of PFM, ELP, Genesis, King Crimson and other 70s symphonic rock bands in a dynamic and contemporary way. Over the years Barock Project has got considerable international credit, becoming one of the most loved Italian prog bands in the world.

Each cd includes photos taken during the recordings and a storytelling, the first two are completely remixed from the original tracks for an even more exciting sound experience. The debut Misteriose Voci (2006) includes the original drums (played by Giacomo Calabria) that were replaced by triggers due to technical problems; the bonus track Tridius is a recording of the debut lineup in 2003. Rebus (2008) is remixed, remastered and enriched by the bonus track Kissed By A Star, recorded in 2007. Coffee In Neukölln (2011), born during the Berlin experience, is fully remastered and contains Learning To Say Goodbye (unreleased dating back to the 2011 sessions).

Skyline (2015), which featured Vittorio De Scalzi of New Trolls and Paul Whitehead, is entirely remastered with the addition of Breakfast For Your Brain, recorded in 2011. Also remastered Detachment (2017), with Peter Jones of Camel, and the bonus track Behind, dating back to the sessions of that period. The latest Seven Seas (2019) had a lyric by Peter Jones and the featuring of Durga McBroom, vocalist of Pink Floyd.

Barock Project was born in 2003 and have the goal to match classic music (mainly baroque), rock and a few jazz, substained by a pop structure to renew the beloved Progressive Rock of 70s. The head of project is the keyboard player Luca Zabbini, piano player and composer, affected by the passion for the famous keyboardist Keith Emerson (ELP). In the summer of 2004 Giambattista Giorgi, a young bass player, the drummer Giacomo Calabria and the voice of Luca Pancaldi joined to the band.

In January 2007 they performed live in Bologna with a string quartet. The arrangements are made by Zabbini and Rock In Theater is the DVD of the concert. In the end of the same year come out the first album Misteriose Voci under the label Musea Records and in the summer of 2009 the second record, Rebus under the Italian label Mellow Records, gained good reviews both.

In March 2012 the French label Musea Records publish their third album Coffee In Neukölln, wrote totally in English. Was the work which consecrate Barock Project such as Symphonic Prog Rock international band with a nomination to the Prog Awards 2012.

In the same year joined to the band Eric Ombelli(drum) and Marco Mazzuoccolo (guitar) and in 2014 started recording of the fourth and more complex album. At the end of 2014 the bassist Giorgi left the group and Francesco Caliendo took his place.

In January 2015 Barock Project announce the exit of Skyline, edited by Artalia with the help of a fundraising campaign and with participation of two big name of prog: Vittorio De Scalzi (New Trolls) and Paul Whitehead (first cover artist of Genesis). In November of the same year Alex Mari take the place of Luca Pancaldi. In May 2016 came out the live Vivo, a double cd of two hours of music, recorded during the tour played in 2015.

In March 2017 the sixth album Detachment saw the light, and the band performed in Holland and at Symphonic Night Festival at Tsutaya O-East in Tokyo.Next year Barock Project was in tour in Holland, in USA at RosFest festival and one more time in Japan at Tsutaya O-West in Tokyo. The band completes the year with a concert to Auditorium Parco della Musica in Roma.

On August 2019 the band signs with the label Immaginifica by Aereostella and in September the band release the new album Seven Seas.


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