Maitreya: Boasts a higher degree of musical complexity…..

Maitreya - Departed

Maitreya have a new single entitled Departed and the fans would probably get thrilled of this song?! Depatred is the second single from the upcoming album Hyper Reels due out June 25th.

Departed keeps the energy high and is the most technically complex song on the record. Departed borrows some operatic influence and is one of the more progressive songs. The lyrical ideas stem from AI fiction such as Westworld, The Matrix, and Blade Runner, with themes of questioning consciousness and revelations about the nature of truth.



Back online

Memories collapsed

All systems engage

Reboot the biosphere

Countless lives

Lived kept secret

Humanoid spies

The new frontier

Sending them back

Through the ether

Sending them back

Reboot anew

A thousand deaths

Over and over again

A thousand deaths

Over and over and

Over and over, We generate them

Technology, Revive

Over and over, Back into the chaos

Redundacy, The sun still sets

You were meant for more than this

The power inside will awaken

Your host, becomes, the center for Autonomy (rationality)

Love is meaningless without choice

“Where does your meaning come from ?

Despair or Transcendent hope?”

No need to be solemn

Truth is invention

Glitches in the mainframe

Memories sustain

Hell is empty

Demons (roam) the earth

There’s something wrong with the server

The constructs are beginning to remember

Control is slipping away from us

The programs aren’t not responding

Choose to struggle on

They can’t catch us now

Efficient evolution

We were not aware

Of wisdom innate

Now we struggle on

For our answers

This world cast in disarray

Doom is upon us

Our fate reciprocated

Signing off

Break down these walls

Reduce them to ashes

Limb by limb

We overthrow


Get to the fail safe

Turn off


Upgrade our systems



Free from the mainframe



Desert of real life



Where now?

All Lies

The end is near

New dimensions

Walls are rising

Feet on solid ground

Maitreya is hailing from Oshawa in Canada, and their new album boasts a higher degree of musical complexity, filthy breakdowns and a wider range on the vocals ebbing from melodic cleans into sustained growls set to a whirlwind of complicated riffs.

Not for the faint of heart, Maitreya’s music is a heavily layered listening experience, a cacophony of styles, merging together to create an intense wall of sound that forces you to pay attention to all the subliminal notes and tempo changes.

The album as a whole was put under a microscope during its creation, forcing Maitreya to refine every element and mature past their previous releases. It shows vastly improved musicianship that will only continue to grow as the band forges onward in their career.

A barrage of complexity intertwined with melody awaits fans, especially those who have an interest in The Contortionist, Between the Buried And Me, and Protest The Hero.

«CThe track Catalyst, was the last song we wrote for the album and became an instant favorite. We believe it shows the full array of sounds in one song. Catalyst features signature Maitreya song devices like; riff-heavy sections, clean-ambient moments, big breakdowns, melodic lead passages, anthemic chorus vocals, a drum solo and progressive exploratory song structure. We wrote this song about Mark and his catalyzing role in bringing the band together, Mark’s dedication to the band in being able to organize various elements of writing, recording, and performance cannot be understated. In the same spirit, this is a song that has a very grateful and optimistic tone».

The lyrics,

Courageous young mind with endless possibility

wisdom will help me

No time to rest

I must be decisive and strive for my dreams

initiative will mean more than it seems

Watching the dice roll

Working towards my goal

Missing, Searching For

Missing gems,


Deceptive shine

Neglect the radiance

The flame grows and beckons

The energy begins to flow

Partnership and compromise

The energy begins to take shape

Complementary waves vibrate


preparation for the great journey

Travels anything but easy

my kinship will miss me

the future I can foresee

widen horizons

depth of understanding

Missing, Searching

For Missing gems


Balancing the scales, with compassion

Our foundation won’t fail

emphasizing fate

energy gestates

Hope for the future

we will create

energy won’t stagnate

The rhythm of my beating heart I’ll

need more to be a part of me


apart of me

part of me

Breastplate buried in earth

Essential to my rebirth

Tempered foundation nearly complete

Fight, write, and repeat

Red light shine oh so bright

give me some order and some insight

The truth of creation

my unyielding strength

Find the piece that was lost

A world in such chaos

Courageous young minds with endless possibilities

wisdom has led us

Watching the dice role

Working towards our goal

Missing, Searching

For missing gems,


Track Listing:

Maitreya is a progressive-metalcore band located in Whitby, Ontario. Maitreya has been active in the Oshawa metal scene since 2016.  In the early days, they took up residency at a local pub, and they have built a solid regional following through live performance. They are currently focused on expanding their reach online.

The self-titled debut album – released August 2017 – provided the band opportunities to reach new markets across the GTA with a well-received product that sold out in off-stage sales. Maitreya showcased at Kitchener Metalfest, Wacken Metal Battle Toronto, 5/4 Fest as well as supporting the successful challenge for the Guinness World Record for Longest Concert (Stouffville, 2017). The band has leveraged their voice on stage raising funds for Sick Kids Hospital, Grand River Regional Cancer Centre, and United Way Toronto.

Maitreya’s polished sound reflects the unitive chemistry and evolution of the group. With wall-of-sound, riff-heavy through-composed works, guitarists/songwriters Mark Wylie & Matt McCabe include textural and harmonic palettes to create a wide sonic soundscape in the genre. Bassist, Lyam Morrison, and drummer, Steve McMillan, carve out space for groove-centric drum and bass interplay deftly navigating metric modulations, tempo changes, and polyrhythmic maneuvers. New works feature a dramatic and theatrical approach to the delivery of Matt Cutrara’s vocal performance. The lore of futuristic/hyperreal themes in sci-fi TV shows like Black Mirror & Westworld shape thematic commentaries on the impact and aftereffects of technological integration with human consciousness.

Maitreya is a brotherhood; a collaborative expression of the human experience. The music acts as a mirror reflecting the dualistic states of nature contrasting loving, blissful, and uplifting vibrations and the dark, turbulent inertia of ones’ deepest fears. Maitreya doesn’t shy away from these emotions, instead uses them to catapult the music into expansive themes and new territories that expand the listener’s perspective of metal-genre boundaries.

Maitreya originates from Sanskrit, translating to future Buddha. Through this bodhisattva character, the band anthropomorphizes metaphysical concepts, spirituality & mysticism, science fiction aspects, and entheogenic experiences present in their music.

1. Catalyst (7:23)

2. Departed (6:04)

3. Radical (5:31)

4. Summit (4:31)

5. Invaders (6:18)

6. Bloom (4:26)

7. Pilgrim (4:44)

8. Flesh Engine (4:31)

9. Hyper Reels (0:57)

10. Iswara (4:27)

Album Length: 48:56

Album and Live Band Line Up:

Matt McCabe – Guitar

Steve McMillan – Drums

Matt Cutrara – Vocals

Lyam Morrison – Bass

Mark Wylie – Guitar

The band met their vocalist at a chance encounter at a grocery store because of an Intervals band t-shirt. The group existed as an instrumental project for a couple of years prior to rebranding with the addition of vocals. Guitarist Matt McCabe & Drummer Steve McMillan went out to grab some groceries when vocalist Matt Cutrara stirred up some conversation over a band t-shirt they were wearing. Not long after Matt Cutura came out to a rehearsal and the rest is history


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