Cast: No signs of fatigue, and thrilled fan base…..

Cast - Vigesimus

The Mexican progressive rock band Cast was born in 1978 by concern of the current member and founder Alfonso Vidales, Inspired by the idea of creating music by mixing symphonic passages with progressive rock. Now this very talented multinational band are back with their album number 20, entitled Vigesimus.

Cast have an impressive and long career and mastermind Alfonso Vidales and his lieutenant Carlos Human have still hunger of making exciting and very good music and show no signs of fatigue. Cast have a very faithful and big fan base and they are probably thrilled now?!

Four years ago Cast released the album Power And The Outcome with German`s Progressive Promotion Records for the first time. Actually the album was a commercial success and expanding the bands fan base in Europe, and increasing interest in Cast`s back catalogue.

Vigesimus have been four years in the making, and maintain the high quality standard there were set with Power And The Outcome. The fans get what they want with Vigesimus, and the band do little or nothing experiments. Just what the fans expect prog that meanders from symphonic Yes to theatrical Genesis to melodic Pendragon in the course of one song. This time the music is enriched with some classical influences mainly baroque and Viennese.

The outstanding line-up from Power And Outcome returned to the studio, and continuing of quality is always correct! Claudion Cordero is a vintage guitar hero and Roberto Izzo is a virtuoso violinist. Jose Antonio Bringas is a powerhouse drummer, and Bobby Vidales is a very good and charismatic singer. Together the band make sure that the songs are performed technically high-grade, but also very soulful!

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Ortni (instrumental) (5:31)

2. Black Ashes And Black Boxes (6:18)

3. The Unknown Wise Advice (9:43)

4. Another Light (3:40)

5. Manley (instrumental) (5:16)

6. Location And Destination (7:52)

7. Crossing (10:00)

8. The March (7:21)

9. Contacto (instrumental) I. Primer Acto II. Profundi (10:44)

10. Dredging To The Higher Plane (10:13)

Line-up / Musicians

– Bobby Vidales / vocals

– Lupita Acuña / vocals

– Claudio Cordero / guitar

– Luis Alfonso Vidales / keyboards, composer

– Roberto Izzo / violin

– Carlos Humarán / bass, backing vocals

– Jose Antonio Bringas / drums, percussion

Due to the lack of support from the Governments who see art as a way to get more taxes or private industry who prefer to invest in foreign acts, and the difficulties to reach the USA or British markets, it’s unusual for a Latin American band to have a long and prolific career, but 31 years and 15 studio albums make of Cast from Mexico, one of the exceptions to this rule.

The story of Cast begins in 1978 when the first golden era of progressive rock was agonizing, when the Keyboardist Alfonso Vidales had the idea of creating a Rock band that blended Symphonic passages in order to keep his beloved Prog alive.

Very little information can be found about the first 16 years of their existence, until 1994 when Landing In A Serious Mind is self-released, an album that presents us a serious Symphonic band with an original sound, maybe the only problem is the strong accent when singing in English.

1994 and 1995 are years of great activity for Cast, the band releases 5 albums, the already mentioned, Sound Of Imagination, Third Call, Endless Sounds and Four Aces, what and this material was probably recorded during the previous years?!

After two more albums and three years, the band signs with Musea for the release of Imaginary Window in 1999 the band skip most the neoprog elements and become a fully symphonic prog band!


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