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Reality Grey – Multidimensional Hollow

Reality Grey, hailing from Italy, recently announced their fourth full-length album Beneath This Crown. Formed in 2004, they have made their names known internationally with their ever-changing sound, which resonates with a variety of metalheads. As a bonus the album clocks in close to an hour!

The current form of Reality Grey is melodic, catchy, and aggressive. With the first single from Beneath This Crown they are reintroducing themselves to the world with the most progressive song on the album. Multidimensional Hollow, complete with a lyric video available on YouTube, is very melodic and complex featuring fast guitar solos and an epic finale. Guitarist Anto Addabbo describes his thoughts on the track:

«When I wrote this song I was listening to a lot of sci-fi soundtracks from movies and I think it influenced how the track came together at the end, it has different feels throughout its length. Lyrically the song is about the struggle to succeed in life. Things don’t always go like you hope they will and not everyone knows how to cope with failure».

Beneath This Crown blends the melodic and experimental part of the band with their most brutal and aggressive side, resulting in a dynamic listening experience and their most innovative album yet. It is recommended for fans of As I Lay Dying, Scar Symmetry, and Lamb Of God. Beneath This Crown will be out via Blood Blast Distribution, powered by Nuclear Blast as of May 7, 2021.


We need to watch things change

To state they all stay the same

As our lives move forward 

We will waste another day  

Shredding our dreams

Just something to fix

We stare to a glimpse of light

But there’s no light on the road to our fight 

To our fight

Shredding our dream

Just something to fix

Track Listing:

1. Legion (Intro) (1:51)

2. Fade In Fear (4:44)

3. Kings Of Nothing (5:18)

4. Preachers Of Hatred (4:05)

5. Daybreakers (5:37)

6. Powerblast (4:09)

7. Multidimensional Hollow (4:16)

8. The Fury (4:01)

9. Dreaming (Feat. Milly Florio from End Of Skyline) (5:13)

10. Reascent (4:01)

11. Beneath This Crown (5:28)

12. Indelible Stains (3:39)

13. The Void (4:34)

Album Length: 57:03

Hailing from South Italy, Reality Grey stands tall in the Italian metal scene. Formed in 2004, Reality Grey began their quest to redefine melodic death metal. As a tight-knit 5 piece band, Reality Grey incorporates a modern hybrid of extreme music: melody, brutality; blending complex, yet catchy songwriting. Fearsome death growls & clean vocals give way to razor-sharp guitar riffs and fusion-oriented solos, Reality Grey set out to create something all their own.

With the release of the debut full-length album Darkest Days Are Yet To Come in 2006, in the heat of the melodic death metal revolution, Reality Grey managed to secure their first record deal with Razar Ice Records USA. Songs like Reality Grey and Never Again racked up hundreds of thousands plays on the old MySpace allowing the band to tour, gaining popularity well beyond the Italian borders.

Following up with EP Day Zero’, Reality Grey began to push their own boundaries. Ferocious, yet melodic, with a no-holds-barred songwriting attitude. Songs like Day Zero and Slavery emerged the band’s experimental side, synths, melancholic pianos, and acoustic guitars; perfectly fused with intoxicating sonic aggression.

After years of non-stop touring alongside bands like Deicide, Unearth, Municipal Waste, Sadist, Malevolent Creation, and more, the critically acclaimed Define Redemption is released by Bakerteam/Scarlet Records; sending the band on their first headline tour in Japan. Reality Grey, now having been featured on worldwide publications Metal Injection, Metal Hammer UK, Metal Temple, and, released 2018’s The Void. Reviewed as «a complete and total aural devastation… that will blow your speaker out» by Metal Injection.

Reality Grey has completed work on their upcoming full-length due out May 7th 2021 (Blood Blast Distribution powered by Nuclear Blast). Looking ahead with tours and festival appearances on their sights, Reality Grey will continue to push ambitiously, earning their place among the pantheon of heavy music.


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