Bernardo Lanzetti: Detached nostalgia, fury and irony unfold track after track….

Bernardo Lanzetti - Horizontal Rain

Usually the rain is vertical and not horizontal, but an album title Horizontal Rain is a innovative title! The artist behind the album is Bernardo Lanzetti and earlier Lanzetti have released eight studio albums, na dte first K.O. in 1979!

Lanzetti has a versatile musical background and has played / plays in bands such as Bernardo Lanzetti Acqua Fragile, Mangala Vallis, PFM among others. He also have a solo project under his own name, but he are joined by a very big bunch of skilled musical friends!


Bernardo Lanzetti – Lead and Backing Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica, Programming


Alesia Baltach – Cello (7)

Marco Brioschi – Trumpet (2)

Andrea Cervetto – Guitars, Bass, Keyboards , Arrangments (2, 4)

Kim Chandler – Backing Vocals (1, 2)

Marco Colombo (Camerata Mediolanense) – Guitars (5, 8)

David Cross (King Crimson) – Violin (1)

Tony Franklin (Derek Sherinian, Lana Lane, Roy Harper) – Bass (1)

Pier Gonella – Guitars (6)

David Jackson (VDGG) – Saxophones and Flutes (3)

Tony Levin (King Crimson, Peter Gabriel, Liquid Tension Experiment, Stick Men, California Guitar Trio, Jon Durant) – Stick (2)

Dario Mazzoli – Bass (5)

Sara Wilma Milani – Backing Vocals (3)

Jonathan Mover – Drums (1, 2, 5, 8)

Carlo Napolitano – Trombone (2)

Alex Polipo – Drums (4)

Giancarlo Porro – Tenor Saxophone  and horn section arrangements (2)

Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater, Planet X, Sons Of Apollo) – Keyboards (1)

Pier Vigolini – Keyboards (6)

Franco Grandoni – Choir conductor (9)

Luisa Baiocco, Federica Bastianelli, Silvia Metelli, Michelle Rainone, Gabriele Santoni, Teo Tiburzi, Gabriele Serano – Choir (9)


1. Walk Away (5:51)

2. Heck Jack (3:48)

3. Lanzhaiku (3:36)

4. Time Is King (4:54)

5. Genial! (3:04)

6. Conventional (4:24)

7. Ero Un Num Ero (4:57)

8. Horizontal Rain (5:13)

9. Different (4:32)

Total Time 40:19

On Lanzetti`s homepage we can read this, Conceived and recorded over a few years with outstanding musicians and special guests, Bernardo Lanzettiʼs new work is presented as a collection of musical episodes that sail from Progressive Rock to Vanguard, making port of call at Modern Opera, Art Rock, Rock & Soul and Classix 2 B.

Eight songs in English, two lyrics written by friend Peter Jack Marmot, wordsmith and coach manager between London and Marbella, plus an Italian text for the song Ero Un Num Ero, built on an elementary and random numerical progression as if to point out that the so-called inspiration, at times, can only be a fairy tale to deceive the unwary listener.

Without exaggerating or forcibly imposing his vocal range exceeding three octaves, the vocalist makes available the complete range of his voice, including the one processed by his Glovox device and those written for a choir that, in Different, move on articulated bars, always different in their division and imperceptibly delusional succession.

In the album, passion, detached nostalgia, fury and irony unfold track after track with a mix of sounds that are as unpredictable as they are effective:

David Jackson’s baritone sax replacing the double bass in Lanzhaiku or Tony Levin’s unmistakable stick in Heck Jack. The pressing guitars of Marco Colombo in Genial where not even Andalusia is neglected or those of Andrea Cervetto, excitingly painful in the desperate appeal of Walk Away, which finds Tony Franklinʼs precise fretless bass and, in contrast, the hectic synth of Derek Sherinian and the poignant violin of David Cross. Alternating solid and frantic episodes, Jonathan Moverʼs drumming stands out on four strong selected tracks.

With more than 120 songs already published to his credit, Bernardo Lanzetti also celebrates his being an author/composer with this new album where almost everything, including the artwork, is due to his talent and attitude.

Including the above mentioned special guests, In all 19 musicians * + a choir of 7 ** from Italy, UK, USA and Spain, numerous sound engineers and the careful and patient work of the producer Dario Mazzoli, make this work precious and unique.


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