Morgarten: Roaming the snow-covered plains, the craving soul longs after its life…..

Morgarten – Cry Of The Lost

Morgaten is a Swiss folk/black metal band and they have a new and fascinating new album Cry Of The Lost. Mixed by Jens Bogren (Opeth, Dimmu Borgir, Amon Amarth) and mastered by Tony Lindgren (Opeth, Eluveitie, Sepultura). The music is close to perfect for fans of bands like Ensiferum, Eluveitie and Wind Rose. A first taster from the new album is the official lyric video for The Last Breath. The album will be released on CD, limited vinyl and digital on June 18th via Inner Wound Recordings.

Roaming the snow-covered plains, the craving soul longs after its life

When every sense of existence is swept away by a howling wind,

It’s time to face one’s true destiny

Where am I?!

My legs are failing, my designs are crushed!

The foundation on which I built my life,

My certainties, my securities,

Everything escapes and dissolves,

Like snow blown away by a winter storm

For a few days now I wander these deserted spaces,

Looking for the one I believed I was

But the more I look into myself

The more I find myself faced with a staggering void

I want to enumerate everything I am able to do

All the knowledge I stored

But my voice is just a gasp

The snow has concealed the traces of my feet

Lost in the middle of a blizzard

An empty shell cries its bewilderment

Nobody seems to pay attention to its desperation

He falls, with empty eyes and cheeks drenched in tears

I feel the cold snow on my face,

the only sign of my existence

What disillusion to realise,

that so many years have passed,

building an altar of invisible rocks

I held on tight onto a world that I defined myself

My life moved forward in my head

But today, I see that I am nothing

Track listing

01. Frères d’Armes

02. To Victory

03. Tales of My Lands

04. First Blood

05. Sons of Darkness

06. Oath of Allegiance

07. Peaceful Soul of the Dying

08. Die or Fight

09. Backed to a Flayed Tree

10. Dawning of the Reborn

11. The Last Breath

12. Meeting the Almighty

In search of battles and victories Morgarten has been touring Europe since 2005. The band from the French speaking part of Switzerland is named after the famous Battle of Morgarten in 1315, where the Swiss defeated the Austrian army. With their harsh yet melodic folk- and black metal Morgarten brings back the forgotten glory of the time of knights.

After playing shows all over Switzerland, the release of their debut album Risen To Fight marked an important moment for Morgarten. The band received positive feedback from all over Europe and soon they marched upon international territories, supporting other warriors like the Wind Rose dwarfs, the dark people of Nightland and the hordes of Welicoruss.

Besides several short European tours Morgarten appeared on international festivals, like Occultfest (NL), Brainstorm Festival (NL), Devils Rock For An Angel (BE), Mannried Open Air (CH), Winter Armageddon (DE) and Rise Of Trolls (BE). Also the band was asked as opening-act for Finntroll on their visit to Switzerland in 2018.

Morgarten now returns with their new album Cry Of The Lost, which surely won’t leave fans of folk- and black metal disappointed! The recordings were mixed by Jens Bogren (Opeth, Dimmu Borgir, Amon Amarth) and the mastering was done by Tony Lindgren (Opeth, Eluveitie, Sepultura). For the drums Morgarten visited Fascination Street Studio’s to let David Castillo (Carcass, Opeth, Leprous) handle the recordings.

The result is a high quality release that will please fans of bands like Ensiferum, Eluveitie and Wind Rose. Morgarten proves to be the leading folk- and black-metal band from the French speaking part of Switzerland. With their new album Morgarten is ready to march upon the European battlefields once more!

The Cry Of The Lost album was created in similarity to Morgarten’s first album Risen To Fight explains Pierric, lead vocalist, «With our previous album, we wanted to tell a story throughout the album, and the same we strived to do in Cry Of The Lost».

Pierric continues: «With this new album we were really eager to build a highly cohesive concept-album, but we also wanted to go beyond what was done with the previous record. So we wrote a medieval novel inspired by the legend of a Swiss hero called Arnold von Winkelried and chose important events of his story for each song. Then both the lyrics and the music were composed, so that it really brings the listener into the story and allows him to walk alongside this hero, feel what he feels along his journey».

The hero experiences moments of dreams, hopes, fights, trust, doubts, despair, peace, Pierric says. «This gives birth to a wide variety of songs which can be as much folky, epic or contemplative as well as dark, violent or melancholic, yet still cohesive».

One more thing Pierric likes to share: «We made no compromises and composed each song with our gut, so we are proud of every note, every word in this record!».

Morgarten line-up:

Pierric – Lead Vocals / Guitars / Bagpipes

Ilann – Guitars / Backing Vocals

Cedric – Bass / Backing Vocals

Maël – Keyboards

Joël – Drums

Morgarten discography:

2021: Cry Of The Lost (Inner Wound Recordings)

2015: Risen To Fight (Independent)


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