Between The Buried And Me: Where do we belong in this music scene?

Between The Buried And Me - Colors II

Colors II is the new and actually 11th album from the amazing band Between The Buried And Me. Three years ago the band released the only 33 minute’s long album Automata. Probably the band found this to be too little music for the fans? Now on Colors II the band are back with a monster of an album regarding playing time! 79 minutes is much music, and as a bonus 79 minutes with highly recommended, adventures and very good music.

Between The Buried And Me was originally formed in 2000 by members of Prayer For Cleansing, Between The Buried And Me play an unpredictable combination of countless styles, generally centering around an extremely complex variety of metalcore with death metal influences. Their constantly shifting song structures and tight musicianship have combined with intense aggression and remarkable variety to gain them a noteworthy following.

Their style of extreme metal was introduced on their debut album in 2002 and began to gain increased attention with 2003’s The Silent Circus.

Drastic lineup shifts in the band, with only vocalist/keyboardist Tommy Rogers and guitarist Paul Waggoner remaining from their previous lineup. The group’s new cast of musicians included Glass Casket guitarist Dusty Warring and drummer Blake Richardson, and bassist Dan Briggs.

Dan Briggs is also a member of the jazz-fusion band Trioscapes.

When a band have an album entitled Colors II there are very likely that there where an album earlier named Colors. And yes, fourteen years ago the band released the album Colors as mentioned above!

Colors was the fourth studio album by American progressive metal band Between The Buried And Me, released on September 18, 2007 through Victory Records. Although separated in 8 tracks, Colors gives the impression of one continuous song, with transitions between each part. The album was remixed and remastered in 2020. In June 2021, the band announced their upcoming album being a sequel to Colors, titled Colors II. The veru exciting new track Fix The Error and here are the lyrics,

Break free from the maze

Watch the distant fires

There’s trust in what we’ve done

Our shallow grave of freedom

A new life that’s just begun

I’m the fortune teller,

who doesn’t know his past

Giving hope and new memories,

to the future’s rising sun

We’re here to bring it down

Collapse society

We were born for this

It’s time to celebrate


Break free from the maze

Doom-scroll past this frame of mind

The last of its kind

We now have come alive

The horror has ceased to be

The guest is now free

We are free

The mountain is rising

Fire blasts into the sea

A storm is coming

Red light

Dark room

If you see the rainbow, there is no tomorrow

It’s wrapped in plastic

If you see the rainbow, there is no tomorrow

Put your face inside it

We’re here to bring it down

Collapse society

We were born for this

It’s time to celebrate

Vocalist Tommy Rogers states, «Especially with 2020, we really wanted to give it all we could and show the world we’re still here»,

«That’s part of the reason we named it Colors II», he continued. «We were in a similar spot when we did the first Colors. Back then, we had just gotten done with Ozzfest. We were wondering, Where do we belong in this music scene? We still struggle with that. At both of these moments in our career, we decided to just be ourselves and write the best album we can. We came out guns blazing, and I feel like it’s some of our most creative material in a long time».

«Colors was very much our attempt at a do-or-die statement», added guitarist Paul Waggoner. «We had to establish our identity and be who we really wanted to be in order to have a career. This time around, our industry was shut down for a year. Once tours were cancelled due to the pandemic, we were like, we’ve got to write a record, and it’s got to be good. We had to do something next level».


1. Monochrome (3:15)

2. The Double Helix of Extinction (6:16)

3. Revolution in Limbo (9:13)

4. Fix The Error (5:01)

5. Never Seen / Future Shock (11:42)

6. Stare into the Abyss (3:54)

7. Prehistory (3:08)

8. Bad Habits (8:43)

9. The Future Is Behind Us (5:22)

10. Turbulent (5:57)

11. Sfumato (1:09)

12. Human Is Hell (Another One with Love) (15:08)

Total Time 78:48


Tommy Rogers – Vocals, Keyboards

Paul Waggoner – Guitar

Dusty Warring – Guitars

Dan Briggs – Bass


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