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Canyon - Static

Hey, are you out there? On the other side? Do you read me, down the wire? I am calling for a better life? Some interaction?  Feed my ego, feed my pride With static of our modern life It grinds my brain on the inside And leaves me broken  Seas of distractions and endless likes While minds are wasted, our freedom dies You don’t believe me? Well take a look outside! Cos it’s all around you!  Now I am drowning in the tides Of static of our modern life And it winds me up on the inside And pulls me under  A shattered part of me, shards of agony Despising what I see to be So I cease to be…  …Hey?… Are you out there?? …Hey?… Are you out there? …Hey?? …Is anybody out there? IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE?!?!?!?  This technologic state of mind That’s creeping up.

Melbourne-based alt metal / stoner / prog power-trio Canyon have just released a new music video for Static, the title track of their new EP. The video for Static, which has just been premiered by NextMosh, is a chilling and mysterious piece of 3D animation created by Small Robot Studio.

Both the song and the video recall the work of luminaries such as Tool, Soundgarden and Alice In Chains. The dark and mind-bending video perfectly complements the poignant and visceral progressive alt metal of the song itself.

 Canyon commented: «We are proud to be able to release the final part of our EP Static. Small Robot Studio have done a beautiful job of interpreting the music we wrote and the album art that Nate Hill made. The constant haze of technological noise that surrounds all of us and is always seeking to suck us in. We hope you enjoy all the music and all the art!».

Canyon formed in 2020 in Melbourne, Australia, and are composed of bassist and singer Alex Duin, guitarist Dalton Courtney, and drummer David Collopy. The band’s sound has been compared to Soundgarden, Rage Against The Machine, Tool and Mastodon.

Canyon’s latest EP, Static, was released on May 21 2021.

Canyon deal in a blend of grunge metal and stoner/ punk styles as neat as your fav whiskey with gut-busting grooves that even you’re Mum can’t refuse!

Canyon states, «We love the heavy sounds within these genres and approach song writing from a progressive perspective».

Australia has this remarkable ability to turn out gold in the heavier side of music. A more fresh-faced act, having formed just last year, are Melbourne’s Canyon, a power-trio who have been crafting their own brand of alternative metal meets stoner rock and prog. That may sound like a head-trip on paper, but as soon as you hit play on the album Static, everything falls into place.

Track list:

1. Insane

2. Keep Me Waiting

3. Gone Before Your Time

4. Minority Outspoken

5. Static

The two singles already released to the world could not be more different. Insane is a brief and noisy romp through Rage Against The Machine-esque riffing topped with Alex Duin’s distinctly 90s style singing (and a penchant for big choruses) – part Chris Cornell, part mellow Anthony Kiedis. In this case he sings about the pressures of a mundane, unfulfilling existence inside our repetitive, competitive technological world.

Keep Me Waiting, meanwhile, spends six minutes in a duality between musical fun in jamming chemistry and a more personal topic involving the double-edged sword of the space needed to change and improve in a relationship, and how difficult that is to pull off in real life.

What shines through on each of the five tracks, aside from the aforementioned jamming chemistry, is how comfortable Canyon feel with their sound. The quietLOUDquiet approach found on Gone Before Your Time may have been explored many times over, but nobody is prepared for how heavy the bridge gets (think Mastodon or Tool levels).

 Static, meanwhile, showcases the band’s lighter and more rock-driven side, with a potent bass-line throughout. Both drums and bass are powerful whether at full blast or more muted, while the guitars show off in the politically charged Minority Outspoken, needling around the thundering rhythm section.

As an opening salvo, Static aims high and succeeds. Canyon are a potent trio with a dialed in formula that gives them plenty of room for maneuver. For those wanting to hear the future of where 90s rock and metal should be going, give this a spin.

Canyon are:

Alex Duin – Bass / Vocals

David Collopy – Drums

Dalton Courtney – Guitars


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Mitt hovedfokus er musikk som er basert på progressiv tenking. Jeg er på ingen måte ensporet innen musikksmak, i likhet med intensjonen bak prog. Sjangerbegrepet er egentlig temmelig uinteressant annet enn til å gi en pekepinn om hva slags musikk det er snakk om i en anmeldelse. Jeg søker god musikk for å utfordre meg som lytter. God musikk til å trigge mine musikalske smaksløker, og til å sette i gang mine refleksjoner. Da er sjansen stor for at jeg utvikler meg og lærer, noe som bør være drivstoff for et hvert menneske. Fordi det å lære og utvikle seg er noe som tilfører livet en nødvendig porsjon "krydder". Slikt krydderet finner man blant annet i musikk. Ikke overraskende mener jeg at progressiv musikk har den fineste "smaken". På den annen side kan musikk med eller uten progressive elementer være godt nok til hverdags. Til fest derimot holder bare rendyrket prog! Må jo også få med at jeg rimelig kritisk, og jeg mener at det lages mye prog som er i beste fall uinteressant, og faktisk mye som er pinlig dårlig. Heldigvis oppveies dette av ekstremt dyktige aktører som for eksempel: Flower Kings, Mostly Autumn og White Willow, for å nevne noen tilfeldig valgte.
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