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Ross Jennings Violet

Yesterday, Ross Jennings unveils a new video for the single Violet which you can watch,

«The lyrics of Violet once again deal with navigating through the highs and lows of close, long-term relationships. For the video I reconnected with an old friend from my days in film school, ‘Ben Jones’ (aka Vidiotbrain) ( Among my vast notes for the video treatment, I showed him Peter Gabriel’s video for ’Sledgehammer’ and asked him to take the spirit of that and crank it up to 11…be careful what you wish for they say! I couldn’t be happier with the results»- Ross Jennings.

The track Grounded was the second single from the upcoming album, and Mr. Jennings is very skilled inmaking varied and very good and exciting music. Herby FX on Yoy Tube states about this song,

«So calm but yet so powerfull. One can hear influences from past musicians but your songs are so much more than that. I’m very glad to finally have found such great artists releasing new music. I hope the tour next year will become a thing, so i and all your other new fans can finally see you live. All the best to you and your family».

The song Words We Can`t Unsay, was the first single from Jennings debut solo album A Shadow Of My Future Self which is set to be released later this year, and sees him take a step into pop territory for the first time.

Words We Can’t Unsay features Ross Jennings on vocals and guitar, with Nathan Navarro (Devin Townsend) on Bass, Vikram Shankar (Redemption, Lux Terminus, Silent Skies) on Keyboards & Simen Sandnes (Arkentype) on drums plus special guests Norwegian brass sensations Blåsemafian also make an appearance. The song is mixed by Karim Sinno & mastered by Ermin Hamidovic (Haken, Plini) with artwork designed by longtime Haken collaborator Blacklake. The track Words We Can`t Unsay,

Ross Jennings has the following to say about the track:

«This was one of the first pieces I committed to demo when embarking on this project. I knew I wanted a more accessible direction but I never predicted how well all the layers and different genre references would come together. The song is about relationships, about those heated moments when we say hurtful things we don’t mean. It’s a very real experience we’ve all had and writing a song about it has been a kind of healing therapy for me».

The lyric video is created by Jack Vashko, who was selected by Ross based on his incredible fan-made lyric videos of Haken songs. Jack Vashko has captured the single and album aesthetic perfectly on this video. Graphite Records, Jack Vashko,

Ross Jennings will perform acoustic renditions of songs from his forthcoming debut album A Shadow Of My Future Self and much more including songs from other projects he is known for.

Ross Jennings adds about the event:

«We’re in lockdown and I can’t meet up with my bands to perform, so I’ve decided to make a bold move, dust off that guitar and face a solo live gig head on, even if it is just to cameras! I haven’t performed solo like this since my days playing open mic nights in the local pub, but I know for sure this is going to be a wildly unique experience». The track Grounded,

The single once again features Ross Jennings on guitar and vocals, Simen Sandnes (Drums), Nathan Navarro (Bass) and Vikram Shankar (Keys) who also arranged Ross’s orchestral ideas into a full score.

«The string arrangement on this track is stunning and I have Vikram Shankar to thank for unpicking the themes I had in my brain and making them work in practice».

The single is accompanied by a visualizer created by Daniel Levy, who has recently worked on visuals for Transatlantic’s The Absolute Universe. Ross Jennings has the following to say of the video’s concept:

«Grounded is a song about mindfulness, healing, and mental wellbeing. I wrote this song about a skeptic having a spiritual experience and opening up to the possibilities of a higher power or a higher purpose, but also someone who is simply reconnecting with nature and learning to find stillness in a chaotic life. This is a topic I’ve become fascinated with on my own spiritual journey and in my own meditative practices».


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