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Argos – The Other Life

Argos is a band that combines the eclectic style of bands like Gentle Giant and Van Der Graaf Generator with the Canterbury sound and modern prog artists.

Three years after their last album Unidentified Dying Objects, Argos are releasing a brand-new long player named The Other Life and thus their sixth studio work. The new songs were created under very special circumstances. First of all, long-time guitarist Enrico Florczak decided to leave the band towards the end of 2019. Shortly afterwards keyboardist Thilo Brauss left the group to be able to concentrate more on his own band again in the future.

In addition, the Corona pandemic also had a special impact on the recording process and the lives of the musicians. These upheavals and changes are also reflected on the album. Since last year the guitar has been occupied by Ákos Bogáti-Bokor from the Romanian prog band Yesterdays, who has been friends with Argos drummer Ulf Jacobs for many years. The unmistakable and new influence of Ákos runs noticeably through the entire album, for whose arrangements he is largely responsible. Thanks toThomas Klarmann, who, as the creative mastermind and band founder, takes on many of thecompositions, the unmistakable band sound is undoubtedly retained.

In addition to the voice, this is also due to the themes and lyrics of the band face and lead singer Robert Gozon. The lyrics of Argos have been characterized as surreal or dreamy in the past and the new release is no exception in this regard. The listeners are also confronted with some very personal songs.

Again, some guest musicians can be heard on the record as well, such as Romanian singer Stephanie Semeniuc and German saxophonist Marek Arnold. In summary, with »The Other Life« one can look forward to some musical twists, fresh blood and definitely new creative grinding marks. Coupled with the high recognition value of Argos, these elements combine to create something very special and an album that the guys are already very happy about.


Thomas Klarmann bass, flute, keyboards & soundscapes, lead & backing vocals

Robert Gozon lead vocals & keyboards

Bogáti-Bokor Ákos guitars, backing vocals, bass, keyboards

Ulf Jacobs drums & percussion, backing vocals

Guests musicians:

Stephanie Semeniuc (Yesterdays, Funk You) backing vocals

Marek Arnold (Seven Steps To The Green Door,Toxic Smile) saxophone

Thilo Brauss (Cirqles) keyboards & organs

And finally artworkby Bernd Webler.



1. Chameleon Sky

2. Broken Mirror

3. The Twilight Mind

4. Johnny Head-in-Air

5. I Carry Light

6. The Trial of the Pyx

7. Weak End

8. The Shall See Hotel (bonus track)

9. The Library Of The Future


Argos (2009, Musea)

Circles (2010, Musea)

Cruel Symmetry (2012, Progressive Promotion Records)

A Seasonal Affair (2015, Progressive Promotion Records)

Unidentified Dying Objects (2018, Bad Elephant Music)

There are many bands that start as a solo project and after a while become a full band. Argos is among such band and initially Argos started out as a solo project by multi-instrumentalist and composer Thomas Klarmann. He was an experienced musician who started out in prog and fusion bands in the 70’s.

Klarman discovered in the 90`s band such as Flower Kings and Spock`s Beard, and he was inspired to make prog! Exciting and distinctive prog. Then he met Robert Gonzon and their thought of how to make music matched, and band Superdrama was established, and this band is still active actually.

Klarmann wished to explore a broader style of music than what he could do in this band though, and started composing songs for a solo project in 2005. Gozon soon got involved though, and they set up a MySpace page where those interested in the project could listen to the material they produced.

Ulf Jacobs listened to the music, and was impressed. Jacobs was and is a passionate lover of progressive music as well as a skilled drummer and composer, came across the page. He found the music highly compelling and contacted the band, offering his services.

Suddenly the solo project became a trio and of course they wanted to start recording and they signed to the fine French label Musea Records. Argos self-titled debut album was released in 2009. Inspired by this exciting event their new album Circles was released in 2010, and the guitarist Enrcio Florczak became the fourth member of Argos. The band is also part of a Flower Kings Tribute published by Musea in cooperation with the Colossus magazine


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