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Prey For Nothing - Kishan

In The Band`s Prey For Nothing universe melodic death metal meets progressive metal.

Prey For Nothing, one of Israel’s longest-running metal bands, emerged in 2006 from the ashes of progressive power metal band Damnnation, who were mostly known for having played several shows with former Iron Maiden frontman Paul Di’Anno. Not long after its inception, and with only a handful of shows on home soil under their belts, the band took to the famous Hansen Studios in Denmark to record their debut album, Violence Divine, under the masterful guidance of Jakob Hansen.

The album was released in 2008 by Dutch label Rusty Cage Records. The album was very well received and set the band on course for the following years. Today, Violence Divine is widely regarded as one of the most important and best melodic death metal albums ever by an Israeli band. The band received great response from their home crowd and played regular shows to secure their place at the top of Israel’s death metal scene.

In 2010, the band flew to Poland to record their sophomore album, Against All Good And Evil, at the Hertz Studios, for a 2011 release through Massacre Records. After its release, the band made the jump to Europe to join Swedish Engel (with current In Flames guitarist Niklas Engelin in their ranks) on their European tour.

Prey For Nothing consolidated their status as one of Israel’s premier death metal bands, and continued to play successful shows and festivals on their home turf as well. In 2014, fans were treated to the band’s third album, The Reasoning, which sadly also marked the end of the original Prey For Nothing lineup. The band took a break to look for replacements to complete the lineup again, and finally returned with full force in 2016 when they were welcomed back with open arms by Israel’s extreme metal scene, now with new guitarists Michiel Rutten and Dima Kogan in the fold.

After making their return to the stage, Prey For Nothing started writing material for what was to be their fourth full-length album. The writing process took some time, but turned out to be a very creative joint effort of the two remaining founding members and the fresh recruits. The result is a new, more progressed and heavier sound that is the immediate result of a band aiming for and reaching new creative heights, while staying true to the band’s roots and signature sound at the same time.

Masterfully mixed by Victor Santura (Obscura, Alkaloid), Kivshan was digitally released on all major platforms on May 7, 2021, and on CD in early August. Response from the Israeli metal press was overwhelmingly positive, with some reviewers openly claiming that Kivshan could very well be the best Israeli metal album ever.

The album’s lyrics were written against the backdrop of an ongoing social crisis in Israel, in which the public is divided, torn, and systematically ignored by the government, which is a sign of the times all over the world and will provide ongoing inspiration for Prey For Nothing’s future work.

After touring Europe several times and supporting, among others, Annihilator, Amorphis, Paradise Lost, Finntroll, Aborted, and more, and headlining several metal festivals in Israel, the band is ready to attack the future with a new bass player, Tolik Kashenka, in their ranks and a brand new album as the strongest possible evidence. Currently, the band is planning shows for the rest of 2021 and the first part of 2022. At the same time, the writing process for album number five has commenced, to fully benefit from the new-found creativity within the band.

1. Angels Of Atheism 04:53

2. The Sword Devours 07:45

3. Ocean Of Tar 06:15

4. Each Other’s Throat 05:33

5. Kivshan 07:28

6. The Pinnacle, Pt 1: Peshat 06:13

7. The Pinnacle, Pt. 2: Remez 05:31

8. The Pinnacle, Pt 3: Derash 07:15

9. The Pinnacle, Pt 4: Sod 07:01


Iftach Levi           Drums (2005-present) ex-DamnNation, ex-MasteRiff, ex-Stormy Atmosphere (live)

Defiler   Vocals (2005-present) ex-Abed, ex-Frantic, ex-Matricide

Michiel Rutten   Guitars (2016-present)ex-Fuelblooded, ex-Sacramental Sachem, ex-Tornado

Dima Kogan        Guitars (2016-present): ex-Stormy Atmosphere

Anatoli Tolik Kashenka    Bass (2021-present)


Demo    Demo    2006     

Violence Divine  Full-length           2008      2 (88%)

My Final Relapse              Single    2011     

Against All Good and Evil              Full-length           2011     

Sacred Evolution              EP           2013     

The Reasoning   Full-length           2014     

Kivshan Full-length           2021


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