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Spiritraiser - Ciklos

Invisible Enemy is the third single from the upcoming album Ciklos by the band Spiritraiser. Ciklos has been released by italian post-prog label Luminol Records. 10 track 53:59 minutes. Spiritraiser shamanic alternative-rock and post-progressive by Spiritraiser. Ciklos is the band second album.

The video is shot, directed and edited by Teppo Ristola (@tepporistolaphotography) and the makeup art is done by Camille André (@camilleandremua).

Location: Tiivistämö at Helsinki City, Finland (@tiivistamo). Thank you Tiina Toivonen and the staff for letting us use this fantastic venue for our artistic purposes. The music and lyrics are composed, written and arranged by Spiritraiser. Additional percussions by Olli Kari.

Produced by Kristian Merilahti and Aksu Hanttu, recorded and mixed by Aksu Hanttu at Petrax Studios and Wave Sound Studio. Mastered by Svante Forsbäck at Chartmakers Mastering (@chartmakers).

The band comments:

«Anssi – From one of our practice sessions there was the song’s theme melody looped by Uula (the guitarist) that was ringing in our heads, so typical for us we started to jam with it. The guitar loop naturally guided the bass notes to their places and pretty quickly we were already embracing the song’s general mood».

«Jules – Pretty soon during the production sessions this song started to feel like a single release. It’s special elements in a simple chord cycle stand out and the song breathes on it’s own as it would be floating heavily by a sinking beach. The melancholia of the song is catchy and these parts are highlighted in the song. It’s a ballad of a troubled mind».

«Invisible Enemy is that side of us that brings us down and kills our dreams. I have this reoccurring dream that I see every now and then which leaves me always helpless and thinking about my own weaknesses. In the dream I climb up a building and when I reach high enough I let go and fall. Instead of coming down I’m swallowed into darkness where I need to fight something that doesn’t reveal itself. I can feel it but my punches don’t have strength behind them. The song is about obstacles I unknowingly build inside of me that try to push me down, not letting me dare or challenge myself. It’s all in my head, in my subconscious thinking. It’s my enemy trying to keep me shackled and it is me. It takes a lot to break free from your inner enemies».

Comments about the video:

«Teppo Ristola (the director) – It’s easy to make a music video for a good song. Spiritraiser is upping their game to a whole new level with their new release so I was more than honored to work with them. The schedule for the day of shooting was very tight and it also included two promo shoots. Despite the hurry I’m very pleased of the outcome and the video is very much in the image of the band and it’s maker. I wish to thank the band for their professionalism, Camille André for the great make-up- art and of course the awesome staff at Tiivistämö!».

«Jules – We’ve been checking out Teppo’s works for a quite some time now and we like his style. It was clear that we wanted to have a video that presents the band more since we really haven’t made this kind of a video appearance before. Teppo’s style of shooting combined with Camille’s makeup art gave the song another kind of approach. One way to look at it is the humanity and our flaws with our personal struggles. We need to be merciful to ourselves when confronted with our weaknesses».

Invisible Enemy lyrics:

My dreams are alive but they’re not the flying kind,

instead I’m spiraling down into my nothingness.

All my life I’ve felt boxed inside,

caged behind these walls I built to survive.

It’s these shadows again swallowing me whole,

overpowered, be-spelling me.

They’re a part of me in the dark of night

and in the light of day, beside me.

I need to break free or I’ll vanish,

something pulls me into the arms of my enemies.

My strength withered, not much fight to give,

ghost punching the air, tied up in my cage.

Powerless I’m left fighting this invisible enemy.

The voice inside my head telling me, that it is me…

Powerless I’m left fighting this invisible enemy.

The voice inside my head telling me, that it is me…

that it is me…

In my sleep my strength’s withered, no fight in me,

punching the air, tied up in my cage…

Powerless I’m left fighting this invisible enemy.

The voice inside my head telling me, that it is me…

Powerless I’m left fighting this invisible enemy.

The voice inside my head telling me, that it is me…

that it is me…

«We are going through a painful transformation within our individual and collective lives. It’s up to us to choose the path we’ll step on. It’s high time to embrace this challenging change and use our potential to preserve the good and make sure the evil won’t rise again. If we accept the challenge and overcome it, we just might convince Ciklos to let us enter the next cycle».

The second Spiritraiser album is a powerful, inspired and heartfelt work. The italian post-prog label Luminol Records is proud to release Ciklos, a visionary album focused on renewal, on energy and positive thinking.

The Finnish band comes back after four years with an eagerly awaited album, ten powerful tracks full of pathos with a label that has achieved a significant ranking in the post-progressive area, with a non-dogmatic vision of progressive rock culture.

Spiritraiser was born in Helsinki in 2007, in 2018 they released the debut-album Inspiral, then played in several shows in Finland, including the flagship festival of the Finnish music industry Lost In Music. The four members have ventured into music for many years (Profane Omen, Rootbrain, Enemy Of The Sun, Sleep Of Monsters and Fone) and have established themselves as professionals with their own merits.

Between alternative-rock, prog-rock and prog-metal, power and introspection, melody and intensity, Ciklos perfectly embodies the group’s philosophy: channeling universal energy into sound and music to create worlds to listen to, close your eyes and travel .

Ciklos track-list:

Artificial Light

Invisible Enemy






Virgin Soul

The Wrong Giants


Spiritraiser line-up:

Jules Näveri – Vocals

Uula Korhonen – Guitar

Kristian Merilahti – Drums & Programming

Anssi Ruotanen – Bass

Guest appearances:

Olli Äkräs – piano solo in “Mountain”

Olli Kari – percussions in “Invisible Enemy”, “Sirens”, “Artificial Light” and “Quipu


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