Idol Of Fear: Dark and chilling, tragic while carrying an air of mystery!

Idol Of Fear – Trespasser

Toronto’s Idol Of Fear and their new album Trespasser due out on March 11th via their own label Somnolence Productions. The album was recorded/mixed entirely by the band and mastered by Jermie Bézier (Emptiness, Enthroned) at Blackout Studios, Belgium.

The band have two previous releases Grave Aperture (LP) (2018) and All Sights Affixed, Ablaze (LP) (2014).

«Musically, the song is a stylistic hybrid that’s deeply haunting and even entrancing, but it too is a bitter revelation. The slow, ghostly wail of horns opens the song, along with solemn ecclesiastical chanting. Skull-cracking beats join in along with grim guitar emanations and torrid howls. The pace of the music remains steady, but the riffing transforms into a searing sensation. The tragic wail of the opening persists, and bell-like guitar tones ring out in grief around the scalding vocals and the boom and snap of the drums. A feeling of anguish burns through the music, but a sea of soft ambience flows in, along with a mysterious rippling melody. The music ascends and shines, but never casts off the feeling of tragedy or the aura of mystery» (single – Cheirotonia) – No Clean Singing”

«Fear has never in recent memory held more power and sway over our populations than now. A spectrum ranging from extreme visceral terror to the more subtle and sublime forms, the latter form perhaps more nefarious in its subliminal accumulation. Whether manufactured or seated in a terrible legitimacy, its prevalence has seeped into nearly every aspect of our societal facets. Acknowledgment of its reign is unnecessary when it dictates the context of an individual existing within its domain. Trepasser is born of this wicked plane; a vehicle of ill-conceived venturing into the hostile dark». adds the band.

Dark and chilling, Trespasser is recommended for fans of Behemoth, Shining and Deathspell Omega.

Idol of Fear formed out of a necessity to make something of the darkness that swirls around us all. They’ve made music together for a very long time now – what you hear is the result of many years spent shaping their approach. It is not work they approach lightly.   The band’s first glimpse into the aggressive and brooding LP is the single Cheirotonia. 

Citing that it is their most powerful and cohesive album to date, Idol of Fear anticipates that listeners will hear a clear progression from their previous work and might be taken aback. They expect that it will come out of nowhere for many. The explain the single:

«Opening with a chant from Pavel Chesnokov Let My Prayer Arise, Cheirotonia was largely inspired by our own process of drawing upon the heavy darkness that continually creeps in the periphery of our lives outside the band. In that sense, it is perhaps one of the more introspective/personal songs on a largely cryptic album. Musically it flows like the river Styx, gliding as a spectre, with winding tragic melodies that seek to haunt, and strong driving rhythms that propel its bitter delivery».

Musically, the single is tragic while carrying an air of mystery. Pessimistic, bold and refined lyrics set a darkly invigorating mood, bitter and somewhat sarcastic, but also triumphant and empowering, maintaining the mysterious atmosphere of the music.

Lyrics Cheirotonia:

Cowering before its brilliance

A blessing drawn from blood visions

With eyes wide and arms outstretched

Cowering from a conclusion –

An insight to despair

That colours the world red

With vicious passion

Let faith deliver a world gripped in spite

of the highest strength

and let the face of God

flash with twitching candor

And it won’t let me down

lead by the blight of slain

and carried by whispers

I’m held on the winds that rake

the corpse of time

beyond the fallen

and it won’t let me down…

piercing dissent within your hearts

from the maze above and between the sky

unto the monument


To be dredged

dredged along the graves of the holy

caught in the nets of negation

blinded by consequence

Lifted higher as skies give way

like snapping tendons no longer upheld

by the grace of deceit

Stolen by shadows

and they won’t let me down!

Filling dissent within your hearts –

from the maze above

and between the sky unto the monument


Written and recorded by Idol of Fear,

January 2019 – January 2021

Mastered by Jeremie Bezier at Blackout Studios, Belgium.

Art by Rotten Fantom.


I. The Flayed Horizon (5:24)

II. Angel Dust (5:28)

III. Cheirotonia (5:15)

IV. Phantom (4:58)

V. Trespasser (5:15)

VI. In the Cold Light of Dawn (4:27)

VII. Alone With You (5:12)

VIII. What You Came to Find (6:18)

IX. Endless (3:00)


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