Vincenzo Ricca’s The Rome Pro(G)ject: By the 2765th anniversary of its foundation!

Vincenzo Ricca's The Rome Pro(G)ject - Compendium Of A Lifetime

Compendium Of A Lifetime is the new album from Vincenzo Ricca’s The Rome Pro(G)ject. Vincenzo Ricca is the main musician and maestro in the Rome Pro(G)ject, but he is supported by many extreme skilled musician from various famous prog band on the album.

The Rome Pro(g)ject is a musical walk through the history and the places, the greatness and the beauty of the eternal city of Rome. It is occasioned by the 2765th anniversary of its foundation and this project was conceived and produced by Vincenzo Ricca.

Vincenzo Ricca was born in Cosenza in 1962.

Graduated in Law in 1985 at La Sapienza University in Rome, in June ’86 enrolled at the SIAE (italian performers rights society) as melodist composer and author of the literary part. That same year composed his first soundtrack for a two-part documentary Peppino Palmieri fotografo a Dasà broadcasted on RAI-TV (italian state television). While in the editing room, he meets Mario Carbone, photographer and filmmaker, with who, since then, will collaborate to several works. And then soundtracks for b-movies, a collaboration with RAI Radio for programs on electronic and film music.

The passion for synchronization and electronics contributes to bring his music to the public with, mostly, huge one-off events. Indeed, rare are the replicas of his multimedia events. Together with Alfredo Ricca, pianist, creates one of the first Italian multimedia events, “Music from the Past, Music of the Future” (performed in Cosenza and Roma). Followed, as a solo composer/performer, by Electronic waves in the course of Time performed live at the Auditorium of his High School, the Telesio Lyceum, in Cosenza.

In 1991 the coincidental important encounter with Folco Quilici, the great director and documentary maker. After a week Quilici calls him “to grope for an experiment”. This experiment instead will turn into several soundtracks for high-quality documentary and a friendship that lasted until Folco’s death in 2018.

The soundtrack of Calabria On The Mirror, an eight episode serie of RAI’s Department of School and Education, earned him the opportunity to publish with New Fonit Cetra his first three CDs Argomenti (Topics) – “Medioevo, Rinascimento e ‘700” (Middle Ages, Renaissance and ‘700) -Americhe (Americas).

In 1996, another album, Glass Case, inspired by the minimal music of Philip Glass, is also released by Nuova Fonit Cetra. In this period, he writes songs – mainly in English – for what he states as “The Lawyer project”. But is Genti Du Suli (People of the Sun), a song in Calabrese slang whose text is written with singer and lyricist Stefania Labate, that becomes his most famous act,  performed, as it was, by many singers, in different arrangements, the most important by world known italian soprano Katia Ricciarelli.

Songs part of The Lawyer Project took him to U.S.A. but nothing happened for logistic issues. In 1999, proudly presents Mediterraneo Concerto per il Nostro Mare inspired by Foloco Quilici’s stories and images , with soprano Katia Ricciarelli and italian renowned actor Andrea Giordana.

In the same period he wrotes the soundtrack to a two-episode italian TV fiction broadcasted on RaiUno produced by Titanus with italian actress Anna Valle Tutti Per Uno. The soundtrack is published by Warner Chappell. In 2000 released Millennium?, a CD with instrumental music published by Syncrecords, Milan,

In 2001 composed the music for the documentary “Genoa, Italy, Genova Italy by Folco Quilici featured on a dvd donated to the authorities and credited personnel at the G8 in Genoa. In 2002 brought on stage another event such as “Chronos” with, among others, world known italian soprano singer Cecilia Gasdia, famous pop singer Giovanna Nocetti, actor Salvatore Puntillo and singer/dancer Alma Manera. The live report is collected in the eponymous live CD.

The following year is  Mediterraneo Concerto Per il Nostro Mare (full version )’s turn, featuring the Orchestra of Ukraine and the State Academic Choir Dumka both directed by conductor Stefano Trasimeni. In 2004 presents and performs another huge multimedia events called VSeeOnAria – The sounds painted in the eyes.

In 2005 produced the soundtrack of The Empire Of Marble, another prestigious documentary by Folco Quilici, produced by Istituto Luce shortlisted in the Italian documentary nominated for Academy Awards that year. In 2005 begins his collaboration with Soundiva, an indipendent label set in Cologno Monzese, Milano releasing many of his instrumentals and the soundtrack of L’Impero Di Marmo.

In 2005  Published & Unpublished is a compilation of rare and unreleased tracks, update his website, and propose, for the fifth consecutive year, the “anti-smoking” project Don’t Smoke. In 2006 start the production of the multimedia work Calabresque,  never finished. For the celebrations of Mozart 1756-2006 propose Electro Mozart, an electronic rendition of some compositions of the illustrious Austrian genius, but, due to an exaggerated proposal of celebratory concerts, he decided not to perform it in public.

From 2007 to 2011 collaborated with the music publisher GB Music-Smoothnotes, set in Rome, Composed songs for the soundtrack ofEmigranti, a documentary acquired by Raitrade; singer Marianna Cataldi performs Genti du’Suli, as Zona Briganti do likewise for their ep La Nostra Terra (Our Earth), composed and performed music for the LinkAcademy tv commercial aired on Medias et Tv, carries his collaboration on with the singer Alma Manera, performing his song ” Io ti dirò” (I will tell you), produced some arrangements for the remix of I Don’t Care by superstar Madonna and created and arranged House,Techno and Techno and Techno-Trance versions of the main theme of reality show L’isola dei Famosi broadcasted on RAI-2.

The Department of Culture of the Province of Cosenza acquires all copies of his CD Chronos, and donates a copy to the Italian Sate Records register. In 2008 his soundtrack L’Ultimo Volo (The Last Flight), for a documentary film co-produced by Folco Quilici and Istituto Luce, broadcasted on Rete 4, is released by Heristal Entertainment srl. Singer Gabrielle Chiararo performs two songs published by Smoothnotes while a large number of his compositions are published by Soundiva, Smoothnotes and Heristal and distributed by virtual stores.

Other compositions by him are featured in many RAI TV documentaries, Overland, CNR,, Season, Sitcom, Sky, Planete, as well as on several tv specials, reports and in the‘shortvideos of the New University of Cinema and Television of Rome (academic year 2001/2002). His music is featured on several radio and television programs and commercials.

Other important features: 2011 – Il Sacro Dipinto in Festa live event; 2012 Music From Cosmos liquid music album published by Soundiva; 2017 – The Rome Pro(G)ject III – EXEGI MONVMENTVM AERE PERENNIVS” cd and vinyl album; 2018 Dolcemente Complicate movie; 2019 Radici documentary –  2020 The Rome Pro(G)ject IV – Beaten Paths Different Ways” cd album; 2022 The Rome Pro(G)ject V- Compendium of a lifetime.


1. V (2:40)

2. Compendium of a Lifetime (13:45)

3. Vesuvius  (3:13)

4. The Last Night in the World (5:16)

5. Have Caesar!  (5:30)

6. Morituri te Salutant  (3:40)

7. Gladiators  (5:15)

8. Have Caesar! (reprise)  (3:26)

9. Exegi Monvmentum 2021 (bonus track)  (8:22)


Vincenzo Ricca – keyboards

Steve Hackett (Genesis) – electric & classical guitars

Nick Magnus – piano

David Jackson (VDGG, Peter Hammill) – saxophone, flute

John Hackett – flute

Bernardo Lanzetti (Premiata Forneria Marconi, Acqua Fragile, Mangala Vallis) – vocals

Tony Levin (King Crimson, Liquid Tension Experiment) – bass, Chapman Stick

Daniele Pomo (RanestRane) – drums

Franck Carducci – 12-string guitar, bass

Paolo Ricca – electric guitar

Roberto Vitelli (Taproban, Ellesmere) – bass

Tony Patterson (ReGenesis) – vocals


Om Ulf Backstrøm (6856 Artikler)
Mitt hovedfokus er musikk som er basert på progressiv tenking. Jeg er på ingen måte ensporet innen musikksmak, i likhet med intensjonen bak prog. Sjangerbegrepet er egentlig temmelig uinteressant annet enn til å gi en pekepinn om hva slags musikk det er snakk om i en anmeldelse. Jeg søker god musikk for å utfordre meg som lytter. God musikk til å trigge mine musikalske smaksløker, og til å sette i gang mine refleksjoner. Da er sjansen stor for at jeg utvikler meg og lærer, noe som bør være drivstoff for et hvert menneske. Fordi det å lære og utvikle seg er noe som tilfører livet en nødvendig porsjon "krydder". Slikt krydderet finner man blant annet i musikk. Ikke overraskende mener jeg at progressiv musikk har den fineste "smaken". På den annen side kan musikk med eller uten progressive elementer være godt nok til hverdags. Til fest derimot holder bare rendyrket prog! Må jo også få med at jeg rimelig kritisk, og jeg mener at det lages mye prog som er i beste fall uinteressant, og faktisk mye som er pinlig dårlig. Heldigvis oppveies dette av ekstremt dyktige aktører som for eksempel: Flower Kings, Mostly Autumn og White Willow, for å nevne noen tilfeldig valgte.
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