SOLO: Stands as a harsh criticism of the society.

SOLO – Something

SOLO featuring Nobody with the track Something (You Don`t Need),

After the electronic music of Stati Emozionali and the psychedelia of Don’t shoot The Piano Player (it’s All In Our Head), SOLO  changes direction again with a song poised between dream pop, synth pop and dance: Something (You Don’t Need).

Born as a commissioned song for producer Lup Ino, Something (You Don’t Need) had a long gestation, even passing through Cosmo’s hands.

«When Lup Ino asked me to write something for him I initially made up for a certain house. Cosmo’s arrangement, on the other hand, was aimed at a more modern sound. The final version turns more towards dream pop, synth pop and dance territories, where electroacoustic and electronic mix».

Acoustic guitars and electric guitars that turn into synths, two basses, guitars played with e-bow and digitally programmed arpeggiators, a continuous kick drum, form the basis of Solo’s singing that intertwines with Nobody’s voice, in a dialogue intimate, sometimes in response, sometimes harmonizing.

«The song, from the very beginning, was conceived to be sung with two voices, one male and one female. What I was looking for was a subtle voice, sometimes childish, but at the same time adult, sensual: Nobody interpreted the piece perfectly, as I had already imagined it from the moment I performed it alone».

«Something (You Don’t Need) stands as a harsh criticism of the society of appearing, which pushes us to always have to be aesthetically perfect, according to pre-established canons, which involves a gradual loss of individuality, of one’s personality and uniqueness, in favor of an aesthetic conformity that makes us a copy of the other, a concept also taken up in the cover art of the single».

«In the cover art, the mannequin head symbolizes the loss of personality derived from a conformist act, while the parts of the face, hair, eyes, mouth, glued on the impersonal and empty face, represent the unsuccessful attempt to find one’s own personality using parts of the body of others, by external influence and not by one’s own choice, in an attempt to emulate characters erected as a model by society, a society that makes us perceive them as unattainable, just to remind us where our place is; on the background, or on the bottom».

The video accompanying the song, directed by Alberto Cammarano and performed by Giulia Sarubbi, takes up and underlines the concept.

«A girl, who we never manage to see entirely in the face, puts on makeup before going out in an alienating Milan. As alienating as the big cities are, where the individual gets lost in the crowd and among the skyscrapers, becoming one in the midst of many, a product of the society in which he lives, a cog in a machine that wants us all to be insecure, to then being able to “reassure” us. In the end, we try to be aesthetically “perfect” so as not to feel inadequate to a world that wants to make us feel inadequate; a world that makes us insecure in order to be able to manipulate ourselves more easily and, at the same time, push us to fill that sense of inadequacy through what others have decided can somehow make us satisfied».


Something when I see your sad smile catch me in a web of cold warm thoughts

I can’t bring your fear out of you You can’t get what I want or I should

Now we now are trapped

(But I don’t know where you are)

in this amazing maze that people, you know, call life

Are you sure you want all this or not?

(And where am I? We’d better find our way to home)

We’d better lose our way to home

Oh, now you’re feeling sad, you know? I feel the same

Oh, feed your pain then try to fight, not to escape

Take a look around of you

(I can’t see clear, I need new points of view)

Now look away from all that you think you knew

It’s all a mistake

You won’t be late to kill beliefs and then yourself

Oh, all this thoughts and wills are fake like beautiness

Oh, is so sad when all you feel is ready-made

And now you maybe won’t believe

(I don’t believe in anything)

That all your fears are born with this

(There’s nothing that can stop my fears)

You just should understand that

You should forget what you have learned

There’s nothing more to see in this

(Now that I’m blind I can see)

Outrageous thoughts that burn inside

Let’s put them out

Or maybe just let’s put on them some wood and gas

Oh, we will burn ourselves, our thoughts, our life within

Oh, we will burn the pain, the sadness now so clear

You know, you don’t need all of this

(You know, my needs is all I need)

That’s something more or less to see

(Or, maybe’s all that I don’t need)

This pointless stuff won’t free your life

Realize this and you will fly


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