Maraton: Shamelessly melodic!

Maraton – Contranym

The marathon is a long-distance foot race with a distance of 42.195 kilometers (26 miles 385 yards), usually run as a road race, but the distance can be covered on trail routes. The marathon can be completed by running or with a run/walk strategy. There are also wheelchair divisions. More than 800 marathons are held throughout the world each year, with the vast majority of competitors being recreational athletes, as larger marathons can have tens of thousands of participants. After this shameless long introduction we switch to the band Maraton without the letter h.

Described as shamelessly melodic, Maraton pushes the boundaries and mixes styles of prog, rock and pop into an utterly mesmerizing sound of their own. With more than 1 million streams across all platforms, Maraton is Norway’s most-streamed prog debut band and the only Norwegian act to perform at Roskilde Festival with only 1 single previously released! The band has shared the stage with Enslaved, Mando Diao, Circus Maximus and just returned home after a solid European tour with Leprous in early 2020.

Marathon is the result of young musicians with a desire to make something that most Norwegian bands do not dare. Energetic and catchy, but also demanding in its uncompromisingness. The band has sought to create a style of music which combines the rhythmic heaviness from bands such as Mars Volta with the pop aesthetics of Muse. In addition they are influenced of band such as A-ha and Leprous. Maraton with the track Contranym,

The new single Contranym is taken from the band’s upcoming album, Unseen Color, which Maraton will release through Indie Recordings this autumn.

«Contranym marks the first time we’ve ever done something that’s a direct reaction to current events, specifically the infamous comments section and the state of online discourse in general», the band state.

«We’re seeing more and more of a certain dangerous rhetoric that’s more about changing the goal post than it is about reason and common sense.I don’t know if we have anything to add to this conversation, but it felt good just venting our frustrations with this track».


Maraton have previously streamed the singles Perdurant Lives and Non-Euclidean Heart.

The quintet, Fredrik Bergersen Klemp (vocals), Frank Nordeng Røe (drums), Magnus Johansen (keyboards), Ruben Aksnes (bass) and well as Ruud, released their debut album Meta in 2019.

Line-up Maraton,

Fredrik Bergersen Klemp – Vocals

Simen Hundere Ruud – Guitar

Frank Nordeng Røe – Drums

Magnus Johansen – Keys

Ruben Aksnes – Bass


Written by: Simen Hundere Ruud

Performed by: Maraton

Produced by: Henning Svoren, Simen Hundere Ruud

Mixed by: Henning Svoren

Mastered by: Joe LaPorta

Artwork by: Martin Kvamme

Photos by: Sebastian Ludvigsen

A&R: Erlend Gjerde

Video by: Magnus Johansen

Lyrics Contranym,

I know what it means

So don’t get excited

There’s no in-between

There’s nowhere to hide it

Change it all you want

Change the goal

Change it as you go

Give it all you got

Give yourself


Everything you´re not

Give yourself without a thought

Now there’s nothing left for me

It goes on and on and on


I won’t try to spoil the fun

And it goes on and on and on

So whatchu gonna do about it?

It’s never enough

So don’t get excited

It’s not letting up

But still we keep trying

Nothing is the same

Lose it all

Void in all but name  

Tell it like it is

Tell me what you 

really think

Tell me everything

Tell me every single thought

Tell me what is left for me

It goes on and on and on


I won’t try to spoil the fun

And it goes on and on and on

So whatchu gonna do about it?

Everything, tell me everything 

Everything, tell me everything 

Tell me everything

Tell me every single thought

Tell me what is left for me


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