Moura: Galician psych

Moura - AxeXan, Espreitan

From the Galician city of A Coruña set in the North-Western Spain, comes the progressive and psychedelic folk outfit Moura. The six-piece group released their second album earlier this year, where they successfully merge the traditional music of their region with a colorful psychedelic sound.

Formed in 2015 the band expresses a personal forward-thinking identity, while at the same time tries to remain loyal to the roots of their native land. They dwell deep into the stories and memories of their community, like its celtic past, which you can hear through their druidic chanting.

The band combines complex ideas with the fluidity of rhythm and melody, with a depth of emotion and putting a purpose behind each moment.

Apart from the more normal instruments you may find in a psych band, like guitar, synth, drums, and bass, you may recognize the sound of traditional instruments like hurdy gurdy and bagpipes. 

AxeXan, Espreitan, meaning “lurking, peeking”, starts off with a short instrumental track, before the six-minute long Romance de Andrés d’Orois invites you into the group’s cascade of prog and heavy psych over Galician folk music. With names like Pilgrimages, The God of Bumblebees, and Red Moon, Moura is true to their heritage, while at the same time engages the listener in multiple moods, like peace and anxiety.

In every song on the album the band changes its approach and presents new ideas. Each track is thickly layered, and gives a listener the enjoyment of finding new elements even after multiple repeats.

AxeXan, Espreitan was released May 27 through Spinda Records


Watch “Baile do dentón” official video here:

Watch “Romance de Andrés d’Orois” official video here:


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