Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso: Celebrate 50 years with concept album!

Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso - Orlando: Le Forme Dell’Amore

Since I was young I have listen to many of the great 1st wave of Italian prog band, and mostly with great pleasure. Now Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso are back with new single.

Says, «On September 23, our new concept album, inspired by the Poem Of Orlando Furious, will be released!».

Legendary Italian progressive rockers Banco del Mutuo Soccorso celebrate their 50th anniversary in 2022, with the release of possibly their most ambitious concept album since their debut. Orlando: Le Forme Dell’Amore will be released on September 23rd, 2022, and today sees the launch of the albums first single Cadere O Volare.

Vittorio Nocenzi comments: Cadere O Volare ideally represents a perfect manifesto of what Orlando’s poem concept stands for: the shapes of love either as a narration and musical contents. As a matter of fact this song describes the key topic in Orlando’s love for Angelica. The most important emperor’s paladin is asked by destiny to make a crucial choice between his code of honor and his love for Angelica».

The poem’s narrative is fully described in the lyrics: two messengers do arrive simultaneously at Christian camp, one announcing the paladin soldiers had been attacked by Saracens and need immediate help to be saved while the other messenger announces that Princess Angelica had been kidnapped by violent men and need to be rescued! Here is a fatal and crucial decision to make: to defend his honor or his love.

«Musically speaking this one song perfectly represents the whole Orlando concept album. It is a perfect synthesis of this album, equally divided into great rhythmic sections and moments where the focus is on melody and harmonies. Cadere O Volare is also a perfect example of the variety in arrangements. Ranging from symphonic intro to the electric guitar, followed by the keyboard’s compelling duel in the second part of the song».Vittorio Nocenzi has been working on this new album’s musical concept for years together with his son Michelangelo and lyricist Paolo Logli. Narrating a real XVI century poem through different songs and describing the facts and the ideals was a mountain to climb.

The result of the immense work in the studio is fully represented in an epic album that will set new parameters for progressive rock fans. Undoubtedly Banco has always been strongly related to their roots, but Orlando: Le Forme dell’Amore is a definitive proof of how traditional prog rock can evolve in a modern new blend of sound and spirit

The choice of singing the tracks on this album only in Italian (as before on Transiberiana) confirms the band’s will to stay loyal to what they’ve been doing from the very beginning. In order to help the fans understand and follow the lyrics better on a track by track basis, English translations of the lyrics will be included in the artwork, along with the original Italian lyrics.  In addition to that the band will post a detailed explanation of the whole concept and the album’s narration on their website.  The album will be available as a Limited CD Digipak, Gatefold 180g 2LP+CD & Digital Album.

1.    Proemio (cover version)     00:02:13

2.    La Pianura Rossa     00:06:38

3.    Serve Orlando Adesso     00:04:52

4.    Non Mi Spaventa Più L’amore     00:05:01

5.    Non Serve Tremare     00:04:06

6.    Le Anime Deserte Del Mondo     00:05:01

7.    L’isola Felice     00:03:57

8.    La Maldicenza     00:06:17

9.    Cadere O Volare     00:05:09

10.    Il Paladino     00:02:52

11.    L’Amore Accade     00:03:42

12.    Non Credere Alla Luna     00:06:56

13.    Moon Suite     00:11:49

14.    Come È Successo Che Sei Qui     00:03:38

15.    Cosa Vuol Dire Per Sempre     00:06:48

As mentioned, the band celebrate their 50th anniversary, with the bands first two albums originally released in 1972. The band is already celebrating this occasion with an intensive live tour. Look out for more information in the coming months.


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