Glasshammer: The thirds album of The Skallagrim Theory.

Glasshammer – At The Gate

From the first moment when I heard Glasshammer I was impressed and enjoyed their music. Now the band are back with a new single At The Gate.

Glass Hammer is a symphonic-progressive rock band from the United States. They formed in 1992 when multi-instrumentalists Steve Babb and Fred Schendel began to write and record Journey of the Dunadan, a concept album based on the story of Aragorn from J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. To their surprise, the album sold several thousand units via the Internet, The QVC Shop-At-Home Network and phone orders, leaving Babb and Schendel convinced that the band was a project worth continuing.

Glass Hammer will release the thirds album of The Skallagrim Theory and bring back pipe organ and choirs, and the album is due out in October .is the third album of the Skallagrim trilogy, following Dreaming City (2020) and Skallagrim – Into The Breach (2021), and concluding the story of the thief with the screaming sword. Back in March, Glass Hammer bandleader Steve Babb also released a fantasy novel, Skallagrim – In The Vales Of Pagarna, that’s connected to this concept.

The new album will feature vocalist Glass Hammer’s Hannah Pryor back on vocals as well as Babb, keyboardist Fred Schendel and drummer Aaron Raulston. Vocalists Jon Davison of Yes and John Beagley of Life In Digital will also contribute to the album as well as guitarist Reese Boyd.

Babb says of the new album: «An album can be both things. Since the inception of the trilogy in 2020, it’s been my intention to tell this sword and sorcery-inspired tale with appropriate music. And to do that, I needed the sound to evolve toward something grand by the end of the third album».

«Skallagrim’s story is one of lost joy, of grief, and longing, and ultimately of a worn-down swordsman’s coming to grips with what the world can and cannot offer him», he continues. «It’s probably the most important story we’ve ever told through music, so important to me that it led me to retell it in novels».

He adds, «So, for those who love our newer, edgier sound, they won’t be disappointed. But I’ve brought back the pipe organ, the choirs, and the sweeping ballads for those who miss the sounds of our earlier albums. I think it works, but the fans will be the ones to decide!».

The track Anthem To Andorath from the second album about Skallagrim

The love of my life was robbed from me, and along with her, my memory. I can see her face in my dreams, but her name—yes, even that is beyond recall. I was told I had three days to find her before she’d be slain. So I fled Archon, The Dreaming City, and sped north into a savage land, haunted and full of terrors, determined to save her.

With the aid of the screaming sword, I slew the sorcerous fiend I believed to be my beloved’s captor, only to have him laugh at me with his dying breath.

She does not exist,  he mocked. But he was a liar. Of course, I am no better, for I am a thief—though a thief with the sword of swords, Terminus, that can slay the likes of him!

 Now I am adrift in the horrid realm of Andorath with only a few trusted friends and one solitary benefactor, Erling Hizzard. He has kept me alive, but his guidance is suspect. He claims to be a scholar of the supernatural, a crusader sworn to defeat the sorcerers of Andorath. But I wonder…

 To the south, an impenetrable wall of mist and cloud beyond which lies a mysterious realm, unknowable, unreachable. So it’s to the north, I’ll go. Shield-Shaker, they call me! I will fight their wars and slay whom I must. And then, when all is done, I will find the girl I lost.


He’s got a girl that’s been on his mind

He’ll search the world but never find


Run from the wall of mist descending

The sentient void can see

Now he’s trapped

He cannot cross it

Turning, he rides now

North through a ruined land

War-torn and haunted

The sun sets red as blood in a leering sky

I’ve been walking in the dark

Wandering for a thousand years

Let it end

Cold is the wind that blows

From the north of north

Bringing horrid shapes of bygone joy

Let it end

War, for the truth is hidden in darkness

Darkness made by one

Though embraced by nearly all

Maybe, your dream hides

Somewhere behind its veil

There you may find her

Though the road ahead is paved in lies

I’ve been walking in the dark

Wandering for a thousand years

Let it end

Cold is the wind that blows

From the north of north

Bringing horrid shapes of bygone joy

Let it end

You’ve been wandering in the dark

Cold and dreary dark

Wretched, weary soldier in the dark

Blindly fight each foe

Wonder where you’ll go


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