Jeff Cotton: Comeback after almost 50 years.

Jeff Cotton - The Fantasy Of Reality

After withdrawing from music for almost 50 years, the former Captain Beefheart guitarist Jeff Cotton released his debut solo album The Fantasy Of Reality in August.  The track Does It Work For you is the first single from the album.

«Cotton says, Greetings and Aloha to all my music loving friends! The single, Does it Work for You, the first tune on my new album, “The Fantasy of Reality,” exemplifies the overall sentiment of this new work. I sincerely hope that you experience some of the old magic, and pick up on the lyrical positivity. We’re all in this together, and because there’s never been a time quite like this, it is good that we remind one another, that in spite of it all, love is our reality. Enjoy InJoy».

Jeff Cotton of Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band fame to release his first ever solo album – The Fantasy of Reality.

After playing guitar, lap steel and vocals with the legendary Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band, appearing on the ground breaking album Trout Mask Replica (under the pseudonym Antennae Jimmy Semens), as well as playing on Strictly Personal & Mirror Man, Cotton withdrew from the commercial music business for nearly 50 years. Using the island state of Hawaii as a home base, he emerges from his seclusion in 2022 with his first ever solo album; The Fantasy of Reality.

Whimsical, playful and tongue-in-cheek – Cotton delivers a psychedelic journey that will delight Beefheart devotees while bringing plenty of new ideas to the table across the sprawling 22 track, 66 minute runtime. Trout Mask Replica cover designer Cal Schenkel collaborates once again as he returns to contribute to the internal artwork of the album to continue the Captain Beefheart canon into the 2020s.

Across the decades, the Magic Band’s power and influence has only grown in might, and the cult following of 1969’s Trout Mask Replica still excites fans to this day, in part due to the mystery and enigma of members such as Antennae Jimmy Semens (aka Jeff Cotton). In 1967, Cotton was scoped by Don Van Vliet – Captain Beefheart himself, replacing Ry Cooder on guitar. He then went one to help craft some of Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band’s most vibrant recordings and later contributed to the cult band MU.

Now blending together musical strands such as jazz, delta blues, Hawaiian and the avant-garde to create a melting pot of ideas, Cotton will astonish fans with his comeback.

Jeff Cotton, best known for his tenure in Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band in the late 60s. His debut solo album is made up of 22 tracks and is a melting pot of ideas, blending together musical strands such as jazz, delta blues, Hawaiian (where Cotton lives) and the avant-garde. Cal Schenkel, who designed the cover of Trout Mask Replica, contributed to the internal artwork of the album.

About Trot Mask Replica:

16th June 1969 Captain Beefheart And The Magic Band released Trout Mask Replica. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of this masterful album Matt Mead celebrates an album like no other for Louder Than War.

Don Glen Vliet. Musician, artist and band leader. Once the maverick of 1960s popular music scene – with a clear vision to create music that has never been heard before or even since – created one of, if not THEE stand out album ever made. With a love for the blues, free form jazz and psychedelic rock, his experimentation methods often secluded him to other more straight forward traditionalists with music generated without straight forward chord structures which probably make his discography even more special and felt like an exclusive band of listeners got his output.

Trout Mask Replica, described as Don’s magnum opus, started with The Magic Band locked up a house for six months on Ensenada Drive in Woodland Hills, L.A, which would be renamed The Magic Band House. Previous band members were replaced with younger new recruits (guitarist Bill Harkleroad and bassist Mark Boston were each just 19), plus with each band member was given a nicknames that Don only referred to them by. Rehearsals would last for 14 hours or more a day, with band members restricted by Don to leave the house only for grocery trips. Drummer John Drumbo French describes food being scarce, cups of Soybeans were the dietary speciality unless family and friends helped out, which was sparse.


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