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Esperfall – Plato`s Cave

Esperfall with the single Plato`s Cave taken from the album Origin Of Darkness, and the band is from Budapest and plays melodic death metal.

Music by Zsombor Zathureczky

Lyrics by Nóra Sima & Péter Wachal

Arrangements by Attila Pécz, Nóra Sima, Péter Wachal, László Gábeli and Szabolcs Kerek

Drums and vocals recorded by Béla Boros at Denevér Sound Studio (Szolnok, Hungary)

Edited by Béla Boros at Denevér Sound Studio (Szolnok, Hungary)

Mixed and mastered by Zoltán ‘Töfi’ Cserfalvi at Denevér Sound Studio (Szolnok, Hungary).


Nóra Sima – vocals

Péter Wachal – bass guitar & vocals

Zsombor Zathureczky – keyboards

László Gábeli – lead guitar

Szabolcs Kerek – rhythm guitar

Attila Pécz – drums


See all the shadows on the wall

Fata morgana

Pictures as we rise and fall




Close your eyes and see through mine



Open your eyes and see our demise

Between your thoughts and your dreams

Between our own desires

We’ll have to learn what they mean

We are the only liars

We want to show you mercy

We want to break the cycle

Our mind is not ready yet

To accept Plato’s true words

We are the part of a greater plan

Gaslighted creatures

Half monster and half human

They’re stealing our future

Ignorance makes us shallow

Manifest our own translucent sorrow

Esperfall have released their long-awaited third music video Plato’s Cave from their new album Origins In Darkness. The song encourages us to open our eyes and really see what is happening around us. Like the other two singles (Retreat Into Dreamland, Tempest In Paradise), this track’s got a magical, enchanting music video, too. The track Retreat Into Dreamland

«The theory itself called Plato’s cave is well-known, it’s the idea of how our perception can differ from the actual reality and how one can end up mistreated if one’s different in any way. We tried to interpret this theory and tell what it means to us and what it means in a spiritual context. Plato’s theory is getting more and more relevant these days as more and more mindful people start to live off the grid, really wake up and take a look at humanity and it’s toxic ways of existence. This song supports this approach and encourages individuals to open their eyes and really see what is happening around us and resist, while trying to build a new reality. However the song points out the battles we have to fight in this awakened state. This song is a poem to everyone who chose to try to explain the truth and face the backlash in this stage of their spiritual journey» – singer Nora says.

FFO: Children Of Bodom, Arch Enemy, Epica, Nightwish

«Plato’s Cave is another signature Esperfall song, hence it was chosen as the third one to shoot a music video for.  A relatively fast paced song where you can hear an unexpected soaring chorus that brings back the vibes of a classic Eurotrance track from the 90’s. Peter brings the growls from the depths of the underworld to compliment the clean vocals of Nora, and both Laszlo and Zsombor showcase their excellence in their soloing abilities. Plato’s Cave is an unstoppable metal hit that you simply cannot stop jumping to»- Zsombor (keyboards).

«For this music video we were aiming for a kind of primal setting so we decided to shoot the video in the wild open, in the middle of nowhere. The dark of the night and the use of fire in the video is also a nice match for the story that the song is trying to tell. The shooting was extremely intense and was done in a record time as there was an approaching storm constantly looming over our heads, urging us to wrap up the process as soon as possible… We barely managed to finish all the takes before the storm arrived with heavy rains and thunder. The lightning strikes that can be seen in the music video are 100% real” – Zakk (drums)». The track Tempest In Paradise,

Origins In Darkness presents the initial phase of the human soul’s journey as it forces itself to face its inner demons. As every dark phase in our lives, this state is the starting point of a deep, spiritual journey and self-discovery. Every song is an echo of a major emotional issue vocalized with self-criticism, doubt and fear fuelled with anger and disbelief, oftentimes directed towards our society. These are the battles we have to face in our everyday lives.

This journey and process comes with the inevitable act of turning inward, diving deeper and deeper into our own souls, rediscovering ourselves and coping with part of ourselves we don’t want to pay attention to or want to deny. The album is the invocation of every listener’s hidden emotional or mental answers to every question they never were brave enough to ask and everything they don’t want to think about.

To the person who undertakes this spiritual journey it feels like the dissection of their own soul.

Some diseases and disorders – physical or mental – are created, manifested by ourselves. This statement is the core message of the myriad of emotions the album is pondering upon.


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