Prey For Nothing: Beating Around The Bush since 2006.

Prey For Nothing - Angels Of Atheism

States, «Let’s keep things short. Metal band from Israel, beating around the bush since 2006. We have 4 albums and we suck at sport. Maybe not Michiel. He’s cool». The technical death metal band Prey For Nothing with the track Angels Of Atheism,

We are heaven sent

We are heralds of progression

To lay the old world low

Skeptic and unbent

Devoid of meaningless confessions

With wings that made for war

You will not reap what we have sown

With civilization at peril, as it’s tearing itself apart

Leaving us wondering, wondering how it will come to an end

When ignorance is so viral, treated as if it’s some kind of art

Diminish the grandeur by knowing, by knowing it never was grand

Religion is a flaw

And it comes in all shapes and sizes

All man-made gods we scorn

Uphold Sharia law

And witness calamity rising

Because where books are being burned

A lesson is never learned


Scriptures from algorithms

The angels of Atheism

This depth of old deceptions

We will bring to the sword

And thus, when Atlas shrugs

We shall take back this world

Israeli technical death me tal heroes rey For Nothinghave signed a deal with Wormholedeath for the reissue of Kivshan, their most conceptual and creative album yet.

The band formed in 2006 and released its debut album, Violence Divine, in 2008 through Rusty Cage Records. The album was very well received and set the band on course for the following years. By now, Violence Divine is almost unanimously hailed as a masterpiece. After its debut album, the band released 2 EPs and 2 more full-length studio albums, their fourth studio album, entitled Kivshan was re-released on September 9th, 2022.

Kivshan represents a new, more progressed sound that is the immediate result of a band aiming for and reaching new creative heights while staying true to the band’s signature sound.

The album’s lyrics were written against the backdrop of an ongoing social crisis in Israel, in which the public is divided, torn, and systematically ignored by the government. Considering these circumstances, it’s not surprising that Kivshan (furnace in Hebrew) turned out to be a protest album that combines stories about the Israeli ethos while criticizing that ethos at the same time. From ancient biblical times up until the days of Zionism – the attempt to paint our historical myth in flattering colors is, simply put, doomed to fail. Those who will deem this self-hatred should realize that protest is meant to point out our flaws in order to try and correct them – definitely not to delegitimize them.

 Kivshan ends with The Pinnacle, an epic story in four separate parts that entails a deliberately distorted and darker version of the Jewish Pardes legend, in which four rabbis are led into an orchard (some sort of paradise), with only one of them (Rabbi Akiva) managing to leave unharmed. In PFN’s version of the tale, Rabbi Akiva is the madman of the story. The Pinnacle quadrilogy, as well as Kivshan as a complete album, shows a band at its creative peak, brewing a unique mix of H.P. Lovecraft & Maimonides, Metallica and At The Gates, and of the biblical period and the Jewish ethos, ultimately transporting it to the present day to expose its disintegration.

Line up:

Yotam Defiler Avni – Vocals

Dima Kogan – Guitars

Iftah Levy – Drums, Bass, backing Vocals

Michiel Rutten – Guitars


1. Angels of Atheism

2. The Sword Devours

3. Ocean of Tar

4. Each Other’s Throat

5. Kivshan

6. The Pinnacle, Pt.1: Peshat

7. The Pinnacle, Pt.2: Remez

8. The Pinnacle, Pt.3: Derash

9. The Pinnacle, Pt.4: Sod


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