Red Bazar: Prog and *wahā-čarana.

Red Bazar - Inverted Reality

Bazaar is a market, often covered. The word comes from Persian bāzār, from Middle Persian wāzār, from Old Persian vāčar and from the constructed Proto-Indo-Iranian word *wahā-čarana. The names go back to the Parthian word baha-char, meaning the place of prices. Maybe the band Red Bazar is inspired by this when they chose band name?

Finally, the fifth album for UK proggers Red Bazar and I`m thrilled I must admit. Iverted Rrelity is the name of this album.

Track list:

1: One Out Of Three

2: Spirit Of Man

3: -State Of Disgrace

4: Take Control

5: Smoke Screen

UK prog rock quartet Red Bazar have announced that they will release their latest album, Inverted Reality (the band’s seventh release), through White Knight Records on September 30.

The new album will be the third Red Bazar release to feature the talents of vocalist Peter Jones (Camel, Tiger Moth Tales), who joins Andy Wilson (guitar), Paul Comerie (drums) and Mick Wilson (bass).

«With a heavier sound and more aggressive approach, these songs have really come alive and are some of the bands best work to-date», the band state.

The band will be playing an album launch show on October 15 at The Old Library in Mansfield. Support comes from Tiger Moth Tales. Tickets are available from the link below.

Red Bazar formed in 2007 as an instrumental trio featuring Andy Wilson on guitar, Paul Comerie on drums and Mick Wilson on bass and keyboards. The line-up released two albums, Connections and Differential Being, and a three track EP, Beyond The Ice Storm.  The releases were well received by audiences and critics alike and the band developed a reputation for their live performances. To expand on the sound, the band recruited keyboard player Gary Marsh and soon after teamed up with singer and multi-instrumentalist Peter Jones.

This line up released the first Red Bazar vocal album, Tales From The Bookcase.  The album was voted runner up in the Classic Rock Society album of the year awards 2016 and appeared in a number of top 10 album listings including magazines, radio stations and internet sites. Progressive  Aspect reported  «Red Bazar may just have released one of the Prog albums of the year».

The band played a large number of gigs throughout 2016 and 2017 and featured on a number of festivals and continued to develop their live performance and show.

2019 saw the release of the latest album Things As They Appear which the band followed up with a series of gigs throughout the first part of the year. The album has retained the bands prog foundations but added a more direct and rockier sound which has broadened the fan base. Both the album and the live shows have received high praise. November 2020 saw the release of a live DVD filmed at the album launch of Things As They Appear at the Borderij in the Netherlands. The band have just completed recording their new album Inverted Reality which will be released later in 2022.

The four band members:

Andy Wilson

Andy is from Nottingham, UK.  He started learning classical guitar when he was seven but switched to electric guitar when he was 11.  Since then he has played with many bands covering lots of genres.  He has played gigs around the world including several festivals such as Wacken (Germany) and Metal Meltdown in Philadelphia (USA).  Since Red Bazar formed in 2007 Andy has been guitarist but still enjoys playing with other bands and musicians, including jazz.

Andy’s Gear: Guitars:  Charvel, Jackson, Ibanez, Gibson and Fender. Amps by Hughes & Kettner. Cabs by Marshall. Effects By Boss, Alesis & Roland.

Paul Comie

Paul is from Nottingham, UK.  He started playing drums when he was four.  He has since played with several bands and played around the world with them.  Paul studied many different styles of drumming which can be heard in his playing. 

Paul’s Gear: Pearl Master Drums. DW drums. Zildjian Cymbals. 2″ x 2″ timbre for sticks!

Mick Wilson

Mick is from Nottingham, UK.  He started his musical life on clarinet aged 9.  He took his performance diploma at 14 and played with several orchestras and wind bands, touring Europe and continues to play bass clarinet with the Phoenix Clarinet Choir.

He started playing bass guitar at 14 and played in many different bands in many different genres including a folk band called Sticky Willy!  Since joining Red Bazar in 2007 he has also honed his skills on keyboards and double bass.  Mick also currently plays bass for Nottingham Prog band Coralspin and Prog genius ‘Peter Jones’ aka ‘Tiger Moth Tales’.

Mick’s Gear: Basses:  Rickenbacker, ESP, Dean & Fandec. Effects:  Line-6 Helix, IK Multimedia and Sansamp

Peter Jones

Pete was born on October 6th 1980. At fifteen months Pete lost his sight due to Retinoblastoma. From an early age he was into all things musical and at the age of four had his first piano.

«Music has always been a huge part of my life. How much of that was influenced by my sight loss it’s impossible to say, but I’ve always had a knack of picking up music by ear pretty quickly». (Pete)

Throughout his school years he took part in all kinds of musical activities ñ school plays, music festivals and concerts. One of the highlights of his young life was winning the junior final of BBC’s Song For Christmas in 1988. Around this time he started to be aware of the music in the charts and was also influenced by music his parents listened to. Artists such as Phil Collins, Paul McCartney and George Michael were big influences, along with bands including Queen, Genesis, The Beatles and the Carpenters.


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