Collisions: Creating a new symbiotic relationship with one another.

Collisions - Fourth Motion

Collisions is the coming together of post-rock composer Ciaran Morahan (Codes In The Clouds, VLMV), neo-classical composer and film composer Tom Hodge (Max Cooper, Floex), and composer and drummer, Ollie Howell. Their musical backgrounds can be heard colliding throughout their self-titled debut offering (released 9th September via Naïve/Believe), creating a new symbiotic relationship with one another. Fusing together their respective styles, they have created an exciting blend that feels expansive and immersive, almost cinematic, whilst still capturing the energy and thrill of a live performance.

 The album explores both these spaces in different ways, moving between Collisions tracks and Motion tracks; the Motions having a freer and more exploratory feel in comparison, finding their way through more spacious musical ideas and searching for newness in this fluid space. The immersive nature of the music is also coupled with a unique visual identity, created by Cath Elliot, through both the live performance and within digital mediums. Each individual part of the music creates a series of seemingly-living particles, colliding and reacting in real time; constantly moving, evolving and pulsating as the music shifts. These generative shapes then morph effortlessly into particle-based metaverse versions of the band members themselves, emerging and performing live as if appearing from the ever-moving ether. This pioneering generative treatment allows the music itself to actually create the striking visual identity of the project in real time, creating a truly limitless series of particle collisions. It is clear from his past records with luminaries such as Max Cooper and Floex that Hodge is no stranger to coruscating sonic exploration, but he has mainly spent the last couple of years on high-profile film and TV projects. The track Fourth Motion,

 Hodge and Morahan first met in 2009 when Hodge produced a remix for Morahan’s band Codes In The Clouds through London label Erased Tapes. 10 years after their initial introduction, sharing stages and collaborating on other music, they decided to create a record together. Howell’s arrival pushed the project further into a genre-fluid space but a sonically-focused one, resulting in a unique collision of emotive piano, clarinet, ambient analog synths and jazz-infused acoustic drums. The resulting collisions produce a sound that manages to both show individual strengths whilst creating a truly cohesive and immersive sonic landscape. The coming together of their musical identities has formed a strange musical alchemy whilst finding space to be truly authentic to itself. Where there is collision, there is inevitably motion.

Collisions physics is any event in which two or more bodies exert forces on each other over time; the impact when multiple objects collide, exchanging and transforming their energy.

 When asked as to what led him to co-create this project, Hodge mused, «I really wasn’t expecting to make a record, but ultimately it was just too tempting not to explore this genre-fluid space with Ciaran and Ollie”. Morahan similarly felt the same». «I always loved Tom’s composition and scoring work and I felt like both of our musical tastes would combine quite well to create a style of music that neither of us had necessarily ventured into before». A protégé of legendary music producer Quincy Jones, Howell’s arrival was apparently the key to unlocking the potential of this evolving sound. When I first heard the initial demos, I knew that by complementing the electronic/ambient atmosphere they’d both created with more acoustic jazz drums, that combination could really push the music into a unique direction. From there we then really started to blur the lines of what should be processed electronically and what should be left as a more organic sound». Tom Hodge; piano, clarinet and electronics, is an Ivor Novello nominated composer, pianist, and clarinetist. One of the new generation straddling the recording artist/film composer divide, Tom continues to push the boundaries of experimental neoclassical through both his collaborations with stellar film makers such as Kevin Macdonald and James Watkins or other groundbreaking musicians such as Max Cooper and Floex.

Ollie Howell; drums and electronics, is an award-winning drummer, film composer and producer. A protégé of music legend Quincy Jones, Ollie ha released several critically acclaimed albums and written scores for both film and TV, as well as being the first ever jazz recipient of the prestigious Sky Academy Arts Scholarship award.

Ciaran Morahan; guitar, synths and electronics, is a multi-instrumental artist with projects released through notable record labels such as Erased Tapes and Fierce Panda. Ciaran’s picturesque and ambient style of writing has also seen his music used on a wide variety of BBC, ITV and Sky UK programs.


 1. II

2. First Motion

3. I

4. Second Motion

5. III

6. Third Motion

7. IV

8. Fourth Motion


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