Media Octava: With own recording studio

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The Argentinian band Media Octava was founded seven years ago. After presenting their debut album Anacrónico, which was heard on the stages of the Buenos Aires scene, the band decided to record their second album. In February of 2017 the musicians [...]

Fog Light: Vast array of influences

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Fog Light is an instrumental rock trio from Finland. The band draws its influences from the surrounding world and strives to experiment with their instruments. Musical influences includes vast array of bands and artists: Tony MacAlpine, Virgil [...]

Tom Slatter: With bloody great waving tentacles

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A latter-day Victorian street-theatre barker with a guitar promising tales of mystery, imagination, horrible murders and bloody great waving tentacles is how Tom Slatter has been described. Since 2010 he has been scaring audiences with five albums [...]

Needless: Show the marrow of humanity’s true nature!

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The Hungarian band have manifesting forbidden worlds with metal music in fifteen years. The band is from Dánszentmiklós village in Pest county, Cegléd district. Their music is not a pest of course but the music consists of traditional elements of [...]

Witch Ritual: Classic doom with female vocal

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The Berlin band Witch Ritual delivers occult doom with some stoner elements and have played together for seven years now. Finally their debut full-length Death:Beyond is released three years after their first EP Rising Doom. The track Black Magic [...]

Effigy For Sleep: With chaotic riffs and off beat polyrhythms

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If you enjoy chaotic chromatic riffs, soulful vocals and off beat polyrhythms, then the Band Effigy For Sleep probably is worth listen to?! Effigy For Sleep are a three piece progressive rock/metal band from Birmingham writing overly complicated [...]

Curse Of Denial: Matured into a formative beast!

16. juli 2019 // 0 Kommentarer

Curse Of Denial is a black/death metal band from Cleveland composed of former members of Cleveland bands Descend, Decrepit, Pawns In Chess and From The Depths. With the new album Coming For Your Soul, Curse Of Denial`s follow up to their debut [...]

Opeth: Poison In The Tail

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The band name Opeth is a literary reference to a city of the moon. The band Opeth was formed in the tiny Stockholm suburb of Bandhagen in 1990. The line-up began to take shape in March of 1992, when Mikael Åkerfeldt took over as guitarist/vocalist [...]

Dreams In Fragments: With unadulterated operetta-like voice

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Before recently I never had heard about the place Wangen Bei Olten, but that was before I got familiar with the band Dreams In Fragments. That band is from Wangen Bei Olten, and the municipality has 4 804 inhabitants (2010) and an area of 7 km². On [...]

Stozhar: Legacy of Slavic paganism

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The city Yaroslavis is a part of the golden ring in Russia, which is a number of medieval towns north and east of Moscow that are popular with tourists. Stozhar is not an old band but they have been active for fourteen years now, and delivered the [...]
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