Malicious Inc.: With dark and topical lyrical…..

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Malicious Inc. is a Bristol based Groove/Nu Metal 5 piece. They come out all guns blazing on their debut EP, Red Flag, spitting out a relentless onslaught of crushing riffs, brutal breakdowns. In addition they deliver screaming solos, topped off [...]

Geof Whitely Project: With all types of musical formats…..

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The Geof Whitely Project was formed in 2011, it consists of Geof Whitely and special guest musicians, the aim of the project is to put out original material in all types of musical formats from Prog Rock-Rock-Pop-Electronic-Instrumental. All albums [...]

Serene Dark: Gretaly inspired by Dimmu Borgir….

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The band states about the track Trance Of Disintegration, «The aim of the song is to hit you right out of the gate with a lightning-fast drumroll into a heavy guitar chugging rhythm with choir and string ensemble orchestrations. The idea behind [...]

Symbiotic Growth: Discovery and Progressive Black Metal….

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The Sudbury region was inhabited by the Ojibwe people of the Algonquin group for thousands of years prior to the founding of Sudbury following the discovery of nickel ore in 1883 during the construction of the transcontinental railway. The band [...]

Apostle: Took time to rethink their approach…..

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Hailing out of Yorkshire England Apostle are a quintet consisting of seasoned musicians whom combine great rock riffs and melodies, all with a twist of prog! Apostle are a band risen from the ashes of the Apostles Of Chaos. After performing at [...]

Pixie Ninja: With vintage instruments….

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So far this year astonishingly little prog music has come from Norwegian bands. That’s why it’s great that Pixie Ninja soon will be releasing the album Colours Out Of Space. This is the second album by the Scandinavian progband Pixie [...]

Lufeh: With lots of Brazilian music influence…..

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Progressive Metal Lufeh Paints A Dramatic Tapestry With Video Find My Way from the debut album Luggage Falling Down. The song clearly shows the passion and energy these musicians embody. Drummer Lufeh Batera explains the picture being painted with [...]
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