Hunter: With fog spill over a 19th century London!

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Hunter is a heavy metal band from Belgium. Five musicians that have known each other for 20 years and that have played in various bands together, finally joined forces in 2016 to create heavy metal in the traditional sense of the word. Hunter [...]

Hidden Lapse: Trapped in recursive routines

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Hidden Lapse hwill release the album Butterfliesin may, and it is an aggressive and melancholic female fronted power prog album. The Italian delivers an album with ethereal vocals, abrasive riffing and pounding drums. «We are all Butterflies» [...]

Delerium: Black metal chaos and rock riffs!

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Ippesheim is a municipality in the district of Neustadt (Aisch)-Bad Windsheim in Bavaria in Germany. In addition the pagan black metal Delerium is from Ippesheim, and they have recently released their new album Urkraft. The band’s sophomore [...]

Mercury Tree: Oddball rhythms and technicality

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Hailing from Portland in Oregon Mercury Tree delivers experimental prog, and their new album is named Spidermilk. A possible description of the band is: If a space dragon got together with Sigur Ros’ cousin, and they had a baby that liked to [...]

Grenouer: Inspired in an apocalyptic future

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Russian modern metallers Grenouer has revealed today a new video for the single One Day, taken from their 9th full-length album Ambition 999. Speaking about the new video, the band says, «One Day videoclip was inspired in an apocalyptic future [...]

Great Wide Nothing: Reverent retro prog nostalgia

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Hartsfield-Jackson, Atlanta International Airport is the world’s busiest. The city’s music pride Great Wide Nothing has released a self-titled album.The band’s music is best described as an updated take on the prog rock of the [...]

Cosmogyral: Intricate simplicity guitar work

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The melodic death metal/metal core band Cosmogyral was formed in 2014. Then the band decided to forego the traditional route of playing gigs until they had an offering for the masses. Now, with the release of Behold, their first full-length album, [...]

Brighteye Brison: With three new long songs

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The Stockholm based band Brighteye Brison will release their fifth studio album V in May. This progressive rock output came together in 2000 under the guiding wings of writer, keyboardist, saxophonist and vocalist Linus Kåse. Other members include [...]

Protocollo C: Oscillate between rock and the psychedelic!

11. april 2019 // 0 Kommentarer

Proticollo C delivers a journey through prog, rock, soundtrack and psychedelia. The album is self-titled and are an instrumental concept album, an existential soundtrack with film and vintage connotations. A mix that refers to the psychedelic [...]
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