Brad Boatright

Wills Disolve: Gaze upon the cosmos once again…..

25. juli 2020 // 0 Kommentarer

Drawing on such diverse influences as Opeth, Isis, Enslaved, and Swallow The Sun, Wills Dissolve play a very special style of extreme progressive metal. Wills Disolve is a Progressive Metal Band but fascinating enough with elements of prog-rock, [...]

Mustasuo: From Black Swamp…..

21. juni 2020 // 0 Kommentarer

Mustasuo is named after a local city district which roughly translates as “black swamp” is young trio from Oulu, northern Finland formed by former member of Feastem Antti Saarilampi (guitar/vocals) and Tomi Luimula (drums) and [...]

Blissful Stream: Produced in Hägersten, Stockholms

8. februar 2020 // 0 Kommentarer

Martin Sällström sings and plays guitars, bass and drums, and is the sole musician in the band Blissful Stream. Sällström lives and produce his music in Hägersten, Stockholms länand, and he formed Blissful Stream four years ago. It`s gloom and [...]

Dark Poetry: Resounding supersonic bestial blues!

28. januar 2020 // 0 Kommentarer

Dark Poetry is a four-piece metal band from Cyprus, with traditional Middle Eastern music influences. Specimen is their debut album set to be released 1st of February. Recording, engineering and mixing by Andreas Matheou and mastered by Brad [...]

Restless Spirit: A simple but well-functioning equation

21. august 2019 // 0 Kommentarer

A simple but well-functioning equation: Relentless riffs + indelible hooks = soul impacting songs! Restless Spirit is a 4 piece Long Island, NY based metal band founded in July of 2016 (originally as DMP) the band fervently set out to hit the road [...]