Aodon: To new heights…..

11. mars 2020 // 0 Kommentarer

French post-black metal trio Aodon have signed with Willowtip Records and will release sophomore album 11069 on March 27. The album will be available on CD digipak, vinyl LP, and digital formats. The track Les Rayons (The Rays), [...]

Archean: With crushing and nasty riffs…..

11. mars 2020 // 0 Kommentarer

Archean is a Black Metal band from “winetown” Bordeaux in France. Like good wine, the band according to many just gets better and better! The line-up or in France s’aligner: Dwimorberg – vocals, Anadrark – guitar & [...]

Depraved: With cult band status

1. mars 2020 // 0 Kommentarer

There are at least eight ok metal bands called Depraved, and all eight plays some form of Death Metal. «Our» Depraved is from France and was active from 1992-2004 and 2011-present. French Brutal Death / Grind band Depraved have released a new [...]

Hopescure: With fun suitcase word game

25. februar 2020 // 0 Kommentarer

Hopescure is a Franco-Luxembourgish formation born at the end of 2016. The band takes light at the start of this year with their debut album Nostalgia Pt.1., with a sound that is clear and pure, mixed by Eric Gillette and mastered by Jordan Kieter. [...]

Aodon: M-kha takes the band to new hights

12. februar 2020 // 0 Kommentarer

The band Aodon from Périgueux, France plays a dark, extreme and atmospheric post Black Metal. Line-up: M-kha : Music composer, lead guitar, screams and drums, Laurent C. : Rhythm guitar, choirs, Alix R. : Bass and French author. The band will [...]

Altesia: More goodies from Bordeaux!

17. januar 2020 // 0 Kommentarer

2020 begins well with many new and exciting bands, one of which is the Bordeaux band Altesia and their highly anticipated debut album Paragon Circus. The album came just before Christmas last year, but it’s only this year I’ve discovered [...]

Franck Carducci: With didgeridoo and much keys

13. januar 2020 // 0 Kommentarer

Franck Carducci’s band probably has access to a time machine, as their ability to channel the 70s world of prog rock and roll is impressively engaging. With a modern production and considerable skill at hand, this flashback sounds familiar and [...]

Minimum Vital: Sophisticated and luminous imaginary folklore

5. januar 2020 // 0 Kommentarer

Bègles is a suburb of Bordeaux and the city is world famous for often making exceptionally very good quality wines. The band Minimum Vital from Bègles is not world famous, but makes often exceptionally very good quality music. Minimum Vital is a [...]
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